Friday, January 13, 2012


Tough day at work yesterday ( thanks to staying up too late reading The Cold Cold Ground ) followed by a late Board of Directors meeting for the youth lacrosse league I'm invloved with, but when I arrived home, my print copy of OFF THE RECORD was waiting for me. Luca Veste did a great job with this! If you are not familiar with OTR, it is 38 crime stories based on "classic" song titles, written my 38 UK and US writers.  What really mattters though is, every single penny ( or pence ), is going to children's literacy programs in the US & UK.

If you feel so inclined to support this cause, you can take a look, and perhaps get yourself an electronic or print version:

Ebook at Amazon US HERE...Amazon UK HERE or in print at Lulu HERE

A huge thanks to Luca Veste for putting this all together. He hosts a great site HERE and you can check out his Ebook publishing venture, Guilty Conscience Publishing HERE


  1. I bought one yesterday, and am now feeling a bit bad that I didn't buy it from Lulu. Maybe I will do that too. It's a good cause and I think must be quite a collection of stories.

  2. I remember thinking how cool an idea this was. I'll check it out.

  3. What a great cause. I'll check out the links.

  4. Clarissa- Yes, a truely worthy cause. Can't go wrong for .99 :)