Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stuart Neville's Collusion

Hope everyone had a terrific holiday season and I wish a happy and healthy 2012 to one and all.  I am 3/4 through reading "Collusion", Stuart Neville's follow up novel to his tremendous "The Ghosts of Belfast".  TGOB was a game-changer for me, when I read it in Jan 2010 and I am really digging the way "Collusion" is taking me back to that time.  What a wild ride it has been since I read TGOB, so many new friends, stories, novels, writers, and good times.   I am really looking forward to 2012, assuming the world doesn't end.  So, a sincere thank you to Mr. Neville, for writing such great stories. If you have not read TGOB or Collusion, you can get both of them together for kindle HERE

Next up, after a review of "Collusion", is Adrian McKinty's "Cold,Cold, Ground", and Stuart Neville's "Stolen Souls".  Can't wait!


  1. I enjoyed reading this a lot, though I complained at the time that not enough was said about reading it after Ghosts of Belfast, as it has spoilers for that first book.

    I am definitely making room for Stolen Souls as well, early in year.

    Yes, we have a good year of reading ahead of us, just with the Irish writers alone!

  2. Ghosts of Belfast (or in the UK and Ireland - The Twelve) was such an original approach - tough and refreshing like some cocktail I've yet to invent (though it'll have rum in it - as usual). It transcends whatever genre you want to put it in. Very hard act to follow.

  3. I've greatly enjoyed all 3 of Stuart Neville's books. Stolen Souls is the best on I think. As for McKinty's Cold Cold Ground, well, The release date can't get here soon enough for me.

  4. Seana- Glenna's take on "Stolen Souls" makes me want to read it even more.

    Glenna- Going to get "Cold, Cold Ground" from the Book Depository this week. I went through them for "Falling Glass" and it was a good experience, reasonable price , and pretty fast delivery.

    Paul- That is a tremendous way to describe TBOB. "Collusion" is excellent, but the initial WOW factor of TGOB, cannot be re-captured.