Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seana, we hardly knew ya

What a good surprise I got when I read Seana Graham's blog post. She did a really excellent podcast at KUSP 88.9 in California, where she talks about her writing, GRIMM TALES, books, and Ebooks. She did a tremendous job with the questions and the quality of the audio is crystal clear. So cool to put a voice with the pic and the virtual personality. Be sure to give it a listen HERE (Seana comes on at about the 45 minute mark) and check out Seana's blog HERE. If you would like to have a look at GRIMM TALES, click on the cover on the left side of this blog.

While I'm on the podcast theme, Steve Brewer, who I became a huge fan of in 2011 was a guest on the Morning Show with Larry Aherns KIVA.AM (New Mexico).Very entertaining and well worth a listen ( Steve comes on at about 6:50 mark)  HERE.

Steve also has a new short story, PAYOFF available for free at Smashwords HERE

On a more personal note, I have 3 short stories available today for FREE on Amazon: THE GREAT ESCAPE, THE BLOOD FARM, and THE MONKEY TREE. If interested, just click on the book covers on the right side of the blog to take a look, and perhaps download.


  1. cool, I'll check out payoff, and amazon!

  2. Charles- Free is always good. If you get the chance, Steve Brewer's "Lost Vegas" is really, really a great read. I laughed my friggin' as off.

  3. Thanks for the post, Sean--love the blog title. I will definitely be taking advantage of those free offers, though I'd happily pay for your stories any time.

  4. Seana-My pleasure, and I'm very curious about how the podcast was done. And I wouldn't dream of making you, or anyone who vistits this blog pay to read an of my writing. All anyone has to do is ask, and I'll get you a free download coupon for any of them. I'm thinking you might have already read some of them as well.

  5. I downloaded the three free ones and one of the 99 cent ones as well. 99 cents is not too much to ask even among friends. I have read the Alzheimer's one--I'm not sure about the others yet.

    As to the podcast, Rick has a kind of portable situation, so he can do it pretty much anywhere--on an earlier interview, we actually sat outside by a fountain and it worked fine. This time, though, and partially because he was interviewing a much bigger fish, Tea Obrecht of Tiger's Wife, he was actually using my bosses office at the bookstore I work at. It was quite pleasant. He has done many, many interviews by this point, so he's quite professional about his set up.

  6. Cool stuff! I'll check out your books.

  7. Clarissa- Thanks for swinging by. Sorry I couldn't help with your research, but it is a fascinating subject. Some of the stories, might not be for you, but think you would like The Great Escape, which will still be free through tomorrow.

  8. As ever, Sean Patrick, you're quite the gallant one in shouting out the "Should Be Listened To" ... as surely Seana should. (didn't even plan that last bowt of alliteration, and out she rolled) ...

    CLASSY encompassing interview/broadcast cast by a classy broad -- quite honoured to be in GRIMM TALES talents with the both of youse guys on a crime spree.

    As for readin' up Reardon -- THE MONKEY TREE was from when we did THRILLERS, KILLERS n' CHILLERS so horrifically just around Halloween, wasn't it? Yep - I kindled up to a few more of your classics and shall have to consult my Kindle'shelving to see if I'm all caught up yet. Can't get enough of great authors on the rise.

    'specially the ones who keep takin' fellow authors the higher -- them there? They're the super cool guys.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
    believing in believers

    (shameless plug, shameless plug, shameless plug -- Did I mention I'll be Februarying in Lily Child's FEMME FATALES? -- whoops ... the promoter in me just slipped out again - best I go read no)

  9. PS - Part -- Cool Freudian slip on "Seana, We Hardly 'New' Ya" ~ For she IS a *new* sensation at every broadcast station.

    ~ A*K ... with grin attached

  10. Very interesting! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm new to the KB and never know if I'm actually meeting people or talking to myself. Glad to see I met a person!

  11. Hi Tamara- And thanks for the return visit. Your blog looks very good, and "Perilous' looks like something I would enjoy. Hopefully, our paths cross more on the web and the KB's