Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lacrosse: Crooked Arrows Trailer

This is the trailer of the first major motion picture about the sport of Lacrosse, CROOKED ARROWS. It's being pushed as a RUDY/ MIGHTY DUCKS type of movie. The genre is familiar, but the sport is becoming part of pop culture in the US and is the fasted growing youth sport in the US. It is a Native American sport with a fascinating history and just as my coaches did in (yikes) 1979, I pass this history on to the kids I coach. It is a contact sport and the skills required are very similair to Hurling.

Here's my lad in action.

And of course, and most important, after the warriors do battle, nothing but handshakes and good sportsmanship! ( thats me and my 2 great asst coaches at the end of the line)

The  2011 Irish Men's National IndoorTeam ( someday would love to have a home / away series with our kids and a team of kids from IRE)

Finally, here is how the big boys do it!

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