Thursday, January 12, 2012

Johnny Was...McKinty is...

Caught this movie over the weekend, and enjoyed it very much. It's the kind of movie I love: all about the "bad guys", lots of great lines, some huge laughs, violence, tremendous soundtrack, excellent acting, and a super cast, that includes Eriq La Salle, Vinnie Jones, Roger Daltry, Lennox Lewis, and Patrick Bergin who, until I saw the credits did not recognize. I think most will really dig it, if you like the Guy Ritchie \ Tarantino type of story, at least I did. To get more details, click HERE

I have read each of Adrian McKinty's crime novels and enjoyed all of them. If I had to pick a crime author ( that I have read) who always delivers the goods, he is the one. I have been wanting to read his latest, THE COLD COLD GROUND, since it's release, but it was only available in paperback from Amazon UK, which, If you live in the US, can be a bit costly for shipping. I bought his last one FALLING GLASS (loved it) from the UK. In a case of  good timing on my part, as I was about to bite-the-bullet and order from UK, a commentor on Adrian's blog broke the news that CCG was out on Kindle US! One minute later, I had it on my kindle for PC (no nook version yet, but Calibre can covert it to the epub format) and dug right in with a late night session. I'm about 40% done and it is excellent. I'm finding that CCG is a great mix, stylistically, of FALLING GLASS, FIFTY GRAND, and the "Dead Trilogy". The MC, Det Sean Duffy is such a good character, with a great sense of humor (some hugely funny lines already). A full review will be coming and I'm hoping to finish it tonight. (maybe a wee bit or reading is being done at work today...sssshhh)

Adrian hosts a great blog HERE.  You can check out CCG HERE and for all you music fans, he had a great post yesterday that included some fascinating info on a Sex Pistols gig HERE


  1. I've missed these books, and didn't see the movie either but now you've piqued my interest.

  2. Charles- Can't go wrong in either case. Adrian McKinty also has a really excelllent blog, where, like yourself, he actually participates along with the visitors