Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thanks to Graham Smith....

I love it when Facebook actually serves a purpose, besides letting me know what someone had for dinner or a whole bunch of other useless information.  Yesterday, TRESTLE PRESS author and CRIMESQUAD reviewer Graham Smith  had a status with a link to the OCEANVIEW PUBLISHING site, and the accompanying pic (see below) was of John F. Dobbyn's novel BLACK DIAMOND.  Of course, I had to take a look,  was not disappointed,  and thanked Graham for the info.  You can check out all Graham's offerings HERE as well as a nice interview he just did over at Paul Brazill's place HERE

Well, Graham, being the gent he seems to be, did me one better. He told me about another Oceanview author, Tom Macdonald, who,  like Mr, Dobbyn, is from Boston, and had a novel, "THE CHARLESTOWN CONNECTION" that I might enjoy. Bing, Bang, Boom..Just like that, two novels I cannot wait to read, especially after reading the samples. Nothing like an Irish crime story, set in Boston. What a day, but..... it got better....

When I find out about a new author, I like to do some recon on them and their writng, website, blog, and any local signings on their schedule.  Primarily, to get some background, before I spend the cash, but also to be able to let them know that I enjoyed their writing (if that is the case) 

Well, when I checked out Tom Macdonald's site, it mentoned that on Feb 23 he was going to be at a big local author event in Nashua, NH (15 mins from my house.) The date / location sounded familiar, and much to my suprise, it turns out I am going to be at the event as well ( as an author).  I am so excited, as there are some very impressive writers attending, and it freaks me out that I will be with them. I agreed to participate in Sept, and have been so busy, had not thought about it. You bet your ass, I am  counting the days now!

So, a heartfelt thanks and best wishes to Mr. Smith. Check out his writing, and Crimesquad, which is a tremendous site!


  1. How cool to find authors that you can meet so close to your house. I hope you have fun!

  2. Clarissa- Yes it is. Just a freaky coincidence that I saw Graham's post on FB as well, but glad I did. Hope all is well, and best wishes your way!

  3. Cool serendipity. I've met some long term friends at events like this.

  4. Good stuff!Thanks for the mention.

  5. Charles- That is what I am hoping for!

    Paul- My pleasure!