Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ray Banks: California & Arlene Hunt: Black Sheep

Loved Ray's story "GOD ONLY KNOWS" that was included in the OFF THE RECORD collection, so I asked him via his BLOG which should I read first California or Dead Money. He said, California, as it is short, and if I dug it, I would most likely dig Dead Money. I did, and DM is up next after Arlene Hunt's BLACK SHEEP (more about that below) 

CALIFORNIA is up for best novella of 2011 over at Spinetingler, and you can vote for your choice HERE. I posted the below review on Amazon US & UK, and you can check out, and hopefully purchase CALIFORNIA HERE

5 star: You Think YOU Had A Bad Day?
Ray Banks has been on my list of writers that I wanted to read. After recently being very entertained by a short crime story of his that was part of a collection, I decided to read California. The other two reviews of this novella length piece, pretty much summed up my thoughts. The characters and the dialogue are what really made this work. The opening scene reeled me in and the story, pacing, and excellent banter between all the various players, kept me interested right to the end. This was a quick, very satisfying read and I will most certainly be reading more from the author.

Arlene Hunt is an Irish crime writer, who I have wanted to read for some time now, I just didn't know where to start, or what to expect. I decided that BLACK SHEEP would be it. There was no Ebook version available (big bummer) so I ordered via Amazon. I'm 3 chapters in, and it is money very well spent. What the Hell was I waiting for? Killer opening, down and dirty writing, and I am hooked, big time! This is the kind of writing and style that reminds me of when I first discovered Julie Morrigan- the kind a lot of lads could take a lesson from ;) . You can find out more about Arlene HERE

And finally, watched this movie for the umpteenth time last night. Never gets old, and a kick-ass soundtrack. Have you seen it? What did you think?


  1. Best novella of 2011 you mean? :) 2012 is still young! I loved Dead Money. I have read GUN before, but Dead Money is what turned me into a Ray Banks fan. Looking forward to California and Wold Tickets too

  2. Nice catch, Ben, made the change. Yeah, Dead Money is up next, looking forward to it!

  3. I did see The Devil's rejects. Definitely graphic horror. I was disturbed by it for sure, and in horror that's a good thing.

  4. Charles- There was a comedic element to it I also enjoyed. Sid Haig really stole the show, for me at least.

  5. Good covers on the Ray Banks books.
    Speaking of films - watched the Guard the other night - Brendan Gleason & Don Cheadle - you'd like it I think - very good - billed as a cross between Father Ted & Bad Lieutenant.

  6. Paul- Yes, I like the covers on the RB novels as well. Heard about THE GUARD, and your endorsement has made me want to watch it asap.