Monday, August 26, 2013

A REVIEW: ANGEL BABY by Richard Lange

Finished ANGEL BABY by Richard Lang and posted the below review on Amazon. If you get a chance, I highly recommend it as a novel to read.  Also finished TRINITY, by Leon Uris and it was just awesome. Up next is VALLEY OF THE DOLLS by Jacqueline Sussan, which certainly has its place in pop culture, for many reasons, which I'll post about after I finsh reading it.

5 STARS: Great Action Packed, Fast Paced Story
I have been a fan of Richard Lange since I read his excellent short story collection, DEAD BOYS. From the opening chapter of ANGEL BABY through the satisfying ending, I was fully engaged and entertained. The story always moves forward with a very high "what happens next" factor. It's a well written novel in both story and style and has a cinematic feel to it. Have read online that the screen rights have been purchased and after reading the novel, can certainly understand why. ANGEL BABY is certainly one of the best crime thriller novels I have read in some time.

As I mention in the review, I was first exposed to Richard Lange's wrting when I read DEAD BOYS and really, really dug it. In fact, I might re-read it, which is something I very rarely do.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sanda Seamans over at Shotgun Honey!

If you are not familiar with Sandra Seamans, who is not only a writer, but a tireless promoter of writers and writing, you should be. Her blog, My Little Corner, is a wealth of information and is updated (big thanks, Sandra) almost daily.

Very happy to let you know that she has a very good story, Notes On Friday Night, on display over at the Shotgun Honey site. Big congrats to Sandra!

You can check out her story HERE

And make it a point to check out Sandtra's blog HERE

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dead and Dying: Free Today thru Sunday

For those who might be interested, I have crime short story, DEAD AND DYING, available in Kindle format at Amazon in the US HERE and UK HERE. It is free today thru Sunday. If you do read it, I hope you find it entertaining.

Here's the pitch: When three Irish American friends are reunited at a wake in their Massachusetts hometown, one of them learns that sometimes, revenge and redemption can mean the same thing. 

My view is:  It is a crime short story where Standy By Me meets The Big Chill and although it is mostly  fiction, it was inspired by some real life characters and events from my life.

Have A Great Weekend.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Warriors...Can You Dig It?

Watched The Warriors last night. It had been a long time since I had seen it. I saw it at the movies in 1979 when it came out. I was 14 and back then thought it was awesome.  I have to say, I still enjoyed it 34 years ( yikes!) later. If you didn't know it ( I didn't), the movie was based on a novel by Sol Yurick.

After doing a bit more recon, I also leaarned the theme of the story was influenced by ( and this is some heavy, historical type info) Anabasis by a Greek solder and writer named Xenophon. Pretty interesting, to me at least.

I hear / read they are remaking The Warriors, and it's scheduled for release in the Fall of 2014

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rusty Bones 2013

Just wrapped up the summer lacrosse season with a new team I joined, the New Hamphire Rusty Bones. It was a great experience and my fellow "Bones" were a great group of guys. Although we lost our first 7 games, we beat our arch rival, the Manchester Elder Statemen, in the last game of the season.  This season was important for me becuase I missed last season due to a nagging knee injury. I had arthoscopic surgery in December to clean up a torn meniscus, so it was a huge win for me to play again, pain / injury free, and I'll hopefully be able to play indoor throughout the fall and winter.

If you like contact sports, putting on the gear, a great physical workout, and the comraderie of a team sport, lacrosse is the best it gets for us older guys, who are trying to hold off going the golf / softball route.

If anyone who reads this, lives in the New England area and has played, or wants to play, and is over 30 years old, check out the OLDE NEW ENGLAND LACRCOSSE LEAGUE site HERE. I'm sure, you can find a team you can play for.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Leon Uris: Trinity & Exodus

One of my teammates on the lacrosse club I play for recommended that I try reading novels by an author named Leon Uris, specifically, Trinity. He also mentioned Exodus. I got Trinity from the library last week and I am really loving it. It's about 900 pages and has an "epic tale" feel to it.  I'm 300 pages in and can't wait to keep reading. I also read the sample of Exodus, and will surely be reading that one next.

There is nothing better for an avid reader ( for me at least ) than finding out about a new author, who delivers the goods. Kudos and thanks to the late Leon Uris for the entertainment and knowledge broadening experience his wrting has provided me with!!