Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I think most people who roll in the same writing circles as I do, or maybe even follow this blog, have heard of an extremely talented, and certainly on of my favorite up-and-coming crime writers, Ian Ayris.  What you might not know,  is that he has a brother Stuart, also a writer, and who has just put out a novel of his own, called TOLLESBURY TIME FOREVER

I also have to add, and this is only my virtual friendship take, these Ayris brothers seem like top gents, the kind I would love to meet up with someday and shoot the shit with..my kind of dudes from my generation!

In yet another example of Facebook proving to be a worthwhile time investment, I read the below description of Stuart's novel, and it sounded really interesting: Beatles, Cricket, alcoholism.....right up my alley!

"Tollesbury Time
Nothing is real
And there's nothing to get hung about
Tollesbury Time Forever"

sing the children...

That's all very well if you're not Simon Gregory, a Beatles-obsessed alcoholic with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and a love of cricket. For Simon, nothing is real except the knowledge that he misses the son he abandoned twenty-two years ago. Although the rope around his neck is real. And Tollesbury Time is real too - as you about to find out...

Let me just say, the description, while spot on, did not prepare me for what was to come. It was so much more. This is not a crime story, and that is the beauty, and appeal that it held for me. This story reminded me that as much as I love reading and writing crime \ heist stories, what truly impresses and moves me are unique, well written and well told stories. I just finished Stuart Neville's "Collusion". It was excellent, but when I finished, I was thinking about his next novel. After finishing Stuart's novel, I was thinking about it, as it was implanted in my mind...still is!

I put the following review on Amazon US and UK yesterday:

5.0 out of 5 stars: A Work of Art, January 9, 2012
"I have been entertained by many a good read, but what I truly enjoy, the reason why I read, is to be emotionally moved. A truly good piece of writing stays with you after the last page has been read and makes an impact on the way you view not only the world around you, but yourself. TOLLESBURY TIME FOREVER is such a story. The product description caught my attention and after reading the sample chapters, I could not buy it fast enough. There are sentences, paragraphs, and passages within, that are better than entire novels I have read. During the course of the read, I had to make the decision to keep moving on rather than re-reading the beautiful prose, because the story was so good, I wanted to finsh it. A catch-22 for sure, but I knew I would be revisting the story again.

Along with the excellent writing and story, there are plenty of twists and turns you will never figure out, and it all builds up to a tremendous ending.

From the first page to the last, I was engaged, entertained, and most of all emotionally invested. As a reader, I could not ask for any more!"
So there you have it. I very highly recommend this novel and you can check it out:
- On Amazon US HERE and Amazon UK HERE
Stuart blogs HERE
Best of luck to both Ayris brothers. I wish you the greatest of success in all your endeavors.


  1. Thanks so much Sean! I can't thank you enough mate, I really can't. But I will keep trying!!

    FRUGALITY is here to stay mate!!

    ; )

  2. And thanks for the kind words, sir. Much appreciated, my friend.

  3. I have heard of them, yes. I've not read anything yet by them but I will change that. btw, I just had "night games" delivered to my Kindle. I have 114 books on my kindle, but I'm getting through them. :)

  4. Can't argue with you on the Ayris twins. Both great blokes, and I'm really looking forward to reading Tollesbury!

  5. Stuart- FRUGALITY will forever be etched into my brain and hopefully, my actions. It is I who owe you the thanks, fro entertaining the shit out of me!

    Ian- Any time, You are def one of my fav writers and cannot wait ot read ABIDE WITH ME.

    Charles- I'm in the same boat with my nook. Thanks a million for giving the story a chance. Now, I need to get myself some "Gramlich" !

  6. Luca- TWINS!!!! Did not know that, although now you mention it, it seems like a no-brainer. What a great story it will make when they both hit he big-time! TTF is awesome. You will be a better person after you read it.

  7. You are a fine fellow indeed, Sean. I'm finishing up a read at the mo and Tollesbury is next on the list.

    Hat-tip to you, my friend.

  8. Dave- You are in the same catagory (cool cats and great people) as the Bros Ayris, and many others, I have been fortunate to get to know. A hat tip right back at you, my friend. And I cannot wait to read your novel. There will be a special place and much fanfare at "casa de mindjacker" when the time comes!

  9. And if you don't know about FRUGALITY - well, it's wonderful! But you have to read the book to find out!

    And Sean mate, I should imagine you have been frugaling for years - perhaps just didn't know it!

  10. Hi again mate!! Hope all is well! Just wanted to let you know that Tollesbury Time Forever and the sequal (The Bird That Nobody Sees) are both available in paperback now as well as eBook. I'm writing the final book in the trilogy - I Woke Up This Morning - at the moment and I'm 20,000 or so words in. Hope to have it out next April, madness and cheap wine permitting!