Monday, January 31, 2011

The Beat On The Street

Yes, that's a younger John Thaw on the right, aka my fav crime guy of all time Inspector Morse. This pic is from a series he did called The Sweeney.

Got an email this weekend from Col Bury asking permission to post my story "Charles in Charge" in the guest section of his fancy new site. It was obviously a no brainer. If you haven't read it, take peek at it as well as other stories HERE

Over at Paul Brazill's place there is a must read Guest Blog from Julia Madeleine regarding who actually is reading your submissions HERE

Thanks to Sandra Seamans' excellent blog I found out about a tremendous essay written by Kent Harrington. Enjoy it HERE

Some new stories have been posted for the A Twist of Noir 600 - 700 challenge HERE

There's still time to enter Jodi Macarthur's Love Pen saying contest HERE

Lily Childs' February Femmes Fatales series kicked of today with bang HERE

Lastly, Roger Smith's "Wake Up Dead" was one of the top novels I read last year. The Nerd of Noir has done a great (entertaining as hell) review of it over at Spinetingler HERE


  1. Some cool links there, bud, and I've got to say, Charles In Charge was an awesome read. It's up at a great place at the moment!!


    (P.s. I'm still getting used to the stories that get sent to me at The Flash Fiction Offensive as well. some of the stuff makes my toes curl!! Haha!!)

  2. Dave- I'm more than psyched Col requested it. It was good timing as I was just finishing up a story to send to KTnC. They put up my first story ever, and that site is how I met most all you cool cats.

    I can only imagine what you're getting sent. The last one had me wincing at times.

  3. Sean,
    Thanks for allowing me to post your top notch story, bud, to help enhance my fledgling site. And cheers for all the comments 'n' support you've given on the other stories.

    Cheers for these cool links, Sean. I know what you mean re' the FFO too - hardboiled as hell! :)

  4. Great links and a smashing pic - The Sweeney was required viewing when I was growing up. And many congrats on the story - it's a cracker and right at home on Col's new site!

  5. Col- Thanks for stopping by. Lot's of good reading on your site and I'm still trying to purge the the images from Jeanette's story from my mind, yikes!

    Julie- John Thaw was an awesome talent. 70's era crime shows are where it's at for me.