Friday, January 28, 2011

Homeboy Hits It Big With The Fighter

If you need a reminder that if you have a dream, believe in that dream, and never give up, you will enjoy this story. Keith Dorrington grew up in my hometown. I played on the same football team as him, athough I was a freshman and he was a senior, he was a good guy and always very funny in the locker room. Billerica, Ma is the kind of town where, even if I became President of the United States, I'll still just be a "Mick from  the Ric".

Keith D is now up for a Best Story Oscar for The Fighter. His story is truly an inspiration and you can read a really good interview with him  HERE

Last fall, I was on Facebook messaging back and forth with Keith about my novel, our mutual interest in the Boston Irish crime scene and the concept of the next novel I wanted to start writing. This was when the Fighter was just gettting ready to start the release process. Anyway, he told me to send him my novel, and he'd be in touch. From that day on , The Fighter juggernaut has just taken off and I couldn't be happier for him

I was psyched when I got a Facebook message from Keith last week telling me he's been really busy (you think?) but he "wants us to grab a coffee." once the dust settles. The old saying goes " You can take the boy out of Billerica, but you can't take the Billerica out of the boy" and in this case, it proves true.


  1. Elena- So happy for him. He earned and deserves it.

  2. Nice one, Sean. It looks a great movie but I'll probably buy the book as novels are always far better. Keith sounds a grounded kinda bloke and I wish him all the luck with The Fighter.

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  3. Dave- The movie is worth seeing. I think there is a book, but I have not read it. It would be really cool if he won and Oscar. Enjoy your weekend as well. We have been getting hammered with snow, so lots of fun to be had.

  4. I LOVED that movie. I've seen a few good ones this year but that one is at the top.
    I really love movies that are character driven.

    I was out blog hopping and found you-I'm not sure if I've been here before or if we just run in the same circles-perhaps both eh? :)

    I hope that your meeting with Keith goes well!!!


  5. Laura- Thanks for stopping in. I've def seen you around on some of the common blogs- Dave Barber's maybe (he's a great one) They are certainly cool circles we roll in, aren't they. I'm just biding my time, and all I can do is keep on writing and learning from all the other writers.

  6. Hey, that's exciting, on all fronts. I haven't seen the movie, but the character driven aspect appeals to me. Good luck to him!