Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dave Barber Gets Offensive

Got some tremendous news from the always excellent blog of Sandra Seamans yesterday. It seems talented writer and all around good guy, Dave Barber, has been named editor of The Flash fiction Offensive, which from what I can gather has been on a bit of hiatus of late. Well done and I could not be happier. Get the details HERE


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this, Sean. I'll pop on over and congratulate him.

    Good post title, by the way.

  2. Me? Offensive? Surely fucking no!! Ha!!

    Thanks for the plug, Sean. Appreciate it. And BTW, my head is still spinning as well! This come right out of the blue.

    I'll be expecting something in my "in-box"!!

  3. Seana- I'm guilty of trying to come up with "clever" post titles. Nice that you noticed.

    Dave- You can count on it. I also have got some maybe, maybe, maybe good news related to the novel. It's so maybe, I'm forcing myself not to put any hope toward it, but... Best of luck!