Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where's My Motivation?

I'v been putting off writing one of the key scenes in the novel I'm working on, knowing that when the time is right, I'll know. I'll hear that song that's going to get me where I need to be to put what's in my head into my heart, and then into a word doc.  Kinda like in the Fifities when a girl wouldn't go all the way until she heard "the song".  At least that's how it was on Happy Days. Wa, Wa, Wa.

I've always been a huge fan of Alice in Chains and while I'm driving home from work, scanning the channels looking for tunes, because I'm in all out novel writing mode and you never know when a song might inspire, WHAMMO, this song comes on. Chills go up my spine, sinuses burn, and I know 100% that this was what I've been wating for. It brings me to that place deep in my mind's world of hurt.

The lyrics, music, changes in dynamics, and the eerie feeling that Layne Staley is dead but this sounds like his spirit is singing with them, let's me know I can go all the way.


  1. Love this song. Gorgeous. I can totally see how this could inspire you. Good luck with the scene.

  2. R.S- AIC has so many good songs. They can be heavy as hell, yet totally opposite at other times. It's awsome they were able to get back together with a singer who can keep the sound and spirit of the band alive. The CD is very good as well. "Check my Brain" is another fav.

  3. Sean, glad you've got the tune in your head.

    Absolutely Kate popped in over on my plug for the Fab Feb Film Fest and had this to say about the 'rules':

    "Yes! Yes! Rules? Liberal? Yep - Write us up anything cinematically, movie related - from your head, your heart or inspiration you didn't even see coming."

    Hope some folks will take her up on this.

  4. Seana- Cool. I'll swing by, check it out and do my best to come up with something worthy. Hope you are too!

  5. I can't seem to form an idea yet, but I'm going to try!

  6. It's so eerie how that happens. Music. I try to describe it and I just can't. It creeps through over and under and inside those walls we put up, and pops open wide those paths through our subconscience mind we need to finish up those scenes or tales. Alice in Chains is one of my favs. There is on of their songs that gets me every time. Nutshell. Man. I've written some damn depressing scenes to that. I have this terribly depressing weirdish noir I've reworked a bizzalion times I've written to that song (still isn't right yet). This comment is way longer than I intended. Hope the writing is cool and smooth, SPR! So cool you write to this band!

  7. Jodi- I think you captured the power of music feeling very well. AIC is def one of my top bands of all time. I know "Nutshell" well, Brother" is a another good one. I think a big part of the attraction for me is that Layne Staley was pouring out his heart, emotional state, and demons in every song. Mad Season's CD's was also so good.

    I have a lot of stories to catch up on today from this week, including yours. Can't wait!