Monday, January 24, 2011

The Beat On The Street

Breaking new from Lily Childs' blog: Col Bury has a new site and it is looking very impressive. Rather than go into all the details why that is, see for yourself HERE

Paul Brazill was kind enough to make me an offer I couldn't refuse as a guest blogger on his site. To have a peek, click HERE

"Wake up Dead" was one of the top novels I read last year and the author Roger Smith dances with himself over at Nigel Bird's blog HERE

Over AT THE BIJOU, Absolutely*Kate is looking for stories for her Fab Feb Filmfest. Details HERE

If you didn't know it, the above picture is Fredo Corleone from "The Godfather", played by John Cazale, who just happens to be from Revere ( Reveah to me ) Mass. I just watched a documentary on him and it was very good. He died way to young and the list of actors paying homage to him is a true testament to how respected he was by his peers. RIP and I'm jonesing to watch "Dog Day Afternoon" again as well as "The Conversation" which I have never seen before.


  1. Patti-Thanks for stopping in. I have enjoyed your stories very much. WUD is well worth it, and I learned much about South Africa,