Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thoughts While Shaving...The Long-Weekend Beard

For most of my youth, our pastor Father O'Conner (RIP), had a weekly column in the bulletin called "Thoughts While Shaving". Man, the guy could write and this was when you  used to be able to get the bulletin on the way in, instead of the way out.  Anyway...

I went to see the Boston Blazers indoor lacrosse opener on Saturday night at the Boston (TD Bank) Garden. If they have major league lacrosse where you live, it is a great take and they really tailor it to the kids..or so I thought, but what were they thinking when THIS happened at halftime.

Saw "The Fighter" yesterday and was not disappointed. Christian Bale and Melissa Leo deserved the Golden Globes, no question, hands down.

Lot's of  nice extra's in the 'Boondog Saints" special edition DVD set I got a couple weeks ago. Well worth the $13.00 I paid for it at Walmart.

I'm reading two good novels right now. "Dope Thief" by Dennis Tafoya and "The Wild Colonial Boy" by James Hynes.

I was informed this weekend that I'm be taking my daughter and her friend to see Lady Gaga in March. Hey it's better than seeing "The Biebs", who hopfully will be going the way of "Twilight" very soon, before he violates any more eardums.


  1. Interesting half time moves. Who knows what you'll see at Lady Gaga : )

  2. Erin- The whole time it was happening, I'm thinking "someone's getting fired over this". I actually don't mind a few of Gaga's tunes, and the chorus of Ke$ha's "Cannibal(Cannibal)" is kind cool..just sayin'

  3. That half-time show: Oh. Dear.

    That's quite appalling, and I'm no prude. That simply shouldn't happen at a sporting event half-time show, or anyplace kids could be.

    I like Lady Gaga. :-) You sound like my dad did when informed he would be taking me and two girlfriends to see the Beastie Boys. LOL. Have fun!

  4. R.S- I'm still dumbfounded by it and trying to envision the meeting where, someone proposed it and others thought it was good idea.

    Love the Beasties and I'm sure it will prove to be an entertaining, if not interesting night.

  5. Hi Sean. Thanks for stopping by my Pub Party. Sorry I had no Guinness.

    I'm glad to hear The Fighter is good. I'll go see it.

    Justin Beiber is pretty tame. No harm done. Great promotion. Now Lady Gaga...

    Denise :)

  6. Wow Sean -- you shave a long time ... or muse swiftly. (smile)

    Nice to see all these cool ladies hangin' out in your bathroom --- *waves* > "Hi Erin!" ... "Hi Denise". (uh, you'll have to introduce me to RS)

    Regarding The Fighter - my dentist's daughter was the stunt double for Amy Adams in the track jumping scene - a cool $1500 for a day's run and leap. Hey -- can we get some coffee while you shave?

  7. Denise- You blog is very nice nad I'm thrilled you stoppd by and commented

    A*K- Big game for you this weekend, while Brady gets his microplugs done under the guise of foot surgery. That is some great $ for that scene, remember it well. Lowell, MA was my "stomping grounds" back in the day.