Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HEARTBREAKER: Has The Moves Like Jagger

If you have not read any of Julie Morrigan's writing, you don't know what you are missing. I've known Julie for about a year now and she is one of top writers that I really, really dig.  Last year, just about this time, I read an interview Julie did with Paul Brazill HERE which I posted about, HERE

I had read a few chapters of what would eventually become Heartbreaker a while back over at Julie's blog, and loved it. So, when she announced that it was just released a couple days ago, it was a big suprise and I downloaded it for ONLY 99 CENTS. What a great read it is. I can't put it down. Even though Heartbreaker is a fictional band, Julie has brought them to life. If you know anyone who digs Rock-n-Roll, this will knock their socks off. The novel also has very good cross over appeal; the story is one that both men and women, who aren't hard core crime lovers, will really enjoy

A full review will be forthcoming (only 100 pages left), but why wait. Go download yourself a copy at Amazon HERE or Smashwords HERE 

Julie had a great interview regarding music and Heartbreaker over at Luca Veste's joint HERE                       


  1. Sean, thank you so much for the kind words. I'm absolutely delighted that you're enjoying Heartbreaker, I had such great fun writing it. I love these guys, they've been in my head a long time!

  2. Julie- Just a small way to show appreciation and recognition for the entertainment the novel has provided. Have you entertaind the idea of a print version? Easy and cheap enough to do via Createspace. I would love to have a copy on the shelf (signed of course)someday. Such a cool cover!

  3. It's something I'm considering for all of them. And ta for the compliment on the cover - I've passed it on to Steven Miscandlon, who makes them for me. I think he's really talented. :)