Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Beat on the Street

A well known literary agent recently pontificated about 10 things writers must do HERE, which in turn ended up the subject of a great post, and lot's of reader feedback over at  Joe Konrath's blog HERE

-Now,  if you are looking for some advice  / tips that might actually help you, Allan Guthrie has 10 excellent points over at Criminal- E HERE

- Over at Do Some Damage, guest blogger Brian Lindenmuth has some excellent observations on the e-book cover HERE

- Patti Abbott is looking for your take on the best TV cast ensemble HERE

- If you think stock traders have your best interests at heart, might want to check out the post over at Paul Waters' site HERE

- Lot's of new stories have been posted over at A Twist of Noir HERE and Thrillers Killers-n-Chillers HERE

- Big time congrats to FFO head honcho Dave Barber, and William Dylan Powell. Both got some well deserved recognition for their recent short stories. Details HERE

- Jeanette Cheezum is Paul Brazill's guest for his Short Sharp Interview feature HERE


  1. Wow, Sean. I don't know where to start? I've already been to the last three links, so I'll work my way from the top, since they all sound so interesting.

    Cheers, mate.

  2. Col- Thanks for stopping in. I try to do this once a week, you know the one-stop-shopping type of thing. Interesting tidbit from Jeanette re: your agent, Nat Sobel. Compared to the standard 70/80K, 30K seems like a piece of cake, but that's def just my take. Best Wishes!

  3. This is a terrific service you're providing, Mr. Reardon.

  4. Why thank you, Ms. Graham, I really appreciate it. The Janet Reid / Konrath showdown is still going strong. Very entertaining.