Friday, October 28, 2011

The Beat On The Street

- Col Bury has shared some good news. His collection of crime stories "Manchester 6" has been published in eBook format. Col fills you in on all the exciting deets HERE

- Col is also the featured guest over at Richard Godwin's place HERE

- Over at BlogTalkRadio, Paul Brazill, Darren Sant, B.R. Stateham, and Luca Veste are talking about International Hard Boiled and Noir. Check out what they have to say HERE

- Chris Allinotte has a very good story, "Temping Morsels" over at Lily Childs' blog HERE

- The Blackwatertown blog has a couple worthy posts.  A very entertaining and well written recap of an encounter with the Queen of England HERE.  And there's  a lot more to visting Northern Ireland than wall murals ("Kid in the Gasmask" is  fav of mine) Find out about the many excellent alternatives HERE
- Charles Gramlih has an excellent post on the "psychology of fear"  HERE

- My feeble attempts to keep you up-to-date on whats happening in the crime writing webshpere pale, in comparison with the service Sandra Seamans provides on her blog. Sandra is also a fine writer as well, and has a great Halloween treat on display over at the Flash Fiction Offensive, "The Painter" HERE

- Declan Burke's tremendous new novel "Absolute Zero Cool" is up for an Irish Book Award. Find out more and how to cast your vote HERE

- Ken Bruen is now blogging. Stop in, check it out, and say hello HERE

- And finally, John McFetridge is one of a handful of writers that pen the exact kind of stories I love. If you have not read any of his novels or shorts, you do not know what you're missing.  I was pumped to hear that his next one "Tumblin' Dice" is coming out in March 2012. John fills you in HERE


  1. Woah... what a whole lotta meaty morsels you dished up there, fella! Many thanks for the double namecheck, bud. I'm offski to devour the grub.

  2. Cool news. I will check out Col's book. SOunds interesting.

  3. Col- having the time to devour the grub, has been very challenging lately, especially now the rugrats ar 14 and 11 Between slaving for the man, and driving them to all their activities and sports, not much spare time. So glad for all the good news you hav shared lately.

    Clarissa- your blog is so helpful. Thanks fro stopping in!

  4. Ta for mention - off to Ken Bruen.
    Like the rejig of your blog - all the impressive short stories down the side.

  5. Hey Paul- Thanks for stopping in,and thanks for the comment on the short stories. You might dig some of them.