Monday, September 6, 2010

Check Her Out, Or Else!: Julie Lewthwaite

One of the best things about the internet and blogs, is it allows you to connect with writers, you would otherwise never have known about. My latest discovery is crime writer, Julie Lewthwaite. Her style is gritty, straight to the gut, and no-nonsense. After a read of one of her shorts, you almost feel violated yourself. Keep in mind, this is not your granma's kind of reading, and I don't suspect the local church group will come a callin' any time soon for any author nights, but she ain't writing for the moral majority. You can read more of Julie's writing HERE

Also, as promised, tomorrow is contest day. Here's the skinny:

You can win a free print copy of "Mindjacker", which I will send to you wherever you live. I am also going to provide a Smashwords coupon code for the entire day to let anyone who visits my blog download a free e-book version in whatever e-reader format they choose. Once you have the code, feel free to give it to others. The novel is also availble in print and e-book on Amazon, but it all started with Smashwords, so...

Here are the details:

Free download:
- Start time is 12:00 PM EST on Tuesday, September, 7 2010
- The free download coupon will expire at midnight.

Free print version:
-I will also, at the same time mentioned above, post a small excerpt from "Mindjacker" and all you have to tell me in the comment section is:

1) What author is being referenced.
2) What is the name of the novel
3) What is the character's name

The first person to answer all 3 questions correctly, will win the free copy.




  1. Yep, Julie a good un. Can I plug my interview with her?
    I'll be entering the contest. If I can!

  2. Paul,

    You can plug whatever the f*ck you want, whenever you want! Mi Casa, Su Casa man! If it was not for that interview, I would not have found Julie's blog.

  3. Thanks, Sean, this is so kind of you! And thanks to Paul, too - had it not been for the interview (which I almost didn't do, out of sheer cowardice) I wouldn't have set up the blog in the first place. Aren't crime writers brilliant - what a lovely bunch of people you all are!

    Good luck with the contest tomorrow! I actually thought that Mindjacker was only available as an ebook, so I'm delighted to find out it is also available in print. It sounds top notch!

  4. Julie,

    The pleasure is all mine, as when I read your stuff, it is a very humbling experience. My novel could very well be a steaming pile of shite, but WTF, you keep on, keepin' on, trying to improve and not be an arsehole.

  5. Hey, that's pretty much what we all do, I reckon. That and try to quiet the self doubt! Incidentally, I don't think for one moment your novel will be anything other than excellent. I look forward to proving myself right!