Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Beat On The Street

No, this is not a picture of Heartbreaker, before they hit the big-time. And if you don't know who they are, well, you ain't up to speed on your pop culture history. Mrs. Howell certainly would have had a field day chasing the Heartbreaker lads around with the scissors though.

In other news:

- I finished Steve Brewer's novel, LOST VEGAS, and posted the following review at Amazon and Smashwords.
5.0 out of 5 stars Dig Heists?...You'll Love This.
"I am a huge fan of heist style stories and this one certainly delivered the goods, and then some. The writing style is smooth as silk. This was a very entertaining read and the pages seemed to fly by. A terrific plot, tremendous characters, lots of action, and many laugh out loud moments. The style is surely reminiscent of Elmore Leonard, but the author adds a Stephen King like touch to it, that makes it his own. This story begs for a movie adaption ala, Oceans 11, Get Shorty etc...Already started reading The Big Wink by the author and am loving it."

I am well into Steve's medical marijuana heist story, THE BIG WINK, and as mentioned, loving it. Couldn't resist taking a sneak-peek at his Hillbilly Noir crime story CALABAMA, which opens with, "Never argue with a man whose tattoos outnumber his teeth".

- Adrian McKinty just announced his next novel, COLD, COLD GROUND is coming out in January. I'm all  over that one. Details HERE

- Luca Veste unveiled the cover for OFF THE RECORD HERE

- Found a pretty cool interview Christa Faust did HERE

- The latest edition of Needle Mag is out. Steve Blackmore fills you in  HERE

- Speaking of Needle, you can try and win yourself a copy over at Do Some Damage HERE

-While you're over at DSD, be sure to check out the interesting posts and associated comments that have been made the last few days.

- Over at Ashedit, find out how author Rebecca Forster got her novel HOSTILE WITNESS to # 1 on the Kindle charts HERE


  1. Ha! :D

    Some great links, as always, Thanks!

  2. And that's my reading sorted for the next while.

  3. Paul- You cannot go wrong with any of them. Nice job with the last installment of "The Day I Met"