Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do Some Damage News

One of my many fav blog sites is Do Some Damage. The talent and diversity of the authors who share the daily posting duties is tremendous as is the subject matter. I have learned a lot about crime writing and the authors during year I have been following the site. Here's a couple items that might be of interest.

- John McFetridge, who writes the type of stories I really dig, is taking a hiatus from his DSD Weds slot. Find out why HERE

- Thanks to Sandra Seamans, I found out Steve Weddle, who's also one of the people behind Needle Magazine, has a highly entertaining interview over at the Ginger Nut Case blog HERE

If you can string together 78 words by Friday night, you just might end up in Esquire. Again, thanks to Sandra, you can give it you best shot HERE

Finally, just got a nice note from Steve Brewer after I sent him an email letting him know how much I am digging his latest "Lost Vegas".  He's graciously agreed to a Q & A session and I'm stoked about that. Already have "Calabama" and "The Big Wink" on the nook ready to go, while I wait for a couple Pelacanos novels to arrive at my town library (thanks to The Nerd of Noir's recommendations)


  1. Hey SPR, how are ya? I've been sucking on making the blog rounds, but wanted to say hi. Thanks for the links and congrats on the upcoming Q&A you've lined up.

  2. Hey Jodi. I'm doing well, especially now that the writing time of year is here (for me at least) Big time congrats to you are in order. Great to see you back in action!