Friday, October 14, 2011

My Book, The Movie

Found a pretty cool site called "My Book, The Movie".  It showcases an author's novel and the author gets to explain who they had in mind, or would envision playing the characters in their novel. Take a look HERE

Deciding something like this for my novel Mindjacker was pretty easy, because I modeled each character after someone famous as I wrote the story. Basically, I  had the image in my head and created the character based on that. The above picture is John Paul DeJoria, who I imagined as the nefarious, megalomaniac shrink Joel Fischer. But,  I'd be willing to throw Mel Gibson a bone to get his career back on track, if he was up for it. How about any of you. Any famous or infamous people you envisioned playing a part in your stories or novels?  Here's the rest of my cast for Mindjacker.

Tom (Fischer's brainwashed guinea pig) : Ewan MacGregor

Bryce (Fischer's other brainwashed guinea pig): Jarod Leto

Johnny Salvation (Fischer's limo driver and closest confidant) : Tony Sirico

Paul (stoner who steals the Dreemweever): Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit

Luke (other stoner who steals the Dreemweever): Sully Erna of Godsmack

Crystal ( Fischer' girlfiend and co-conspirator) : Jenna Lamia

Lee Lee (Crystal's best friend) : Sherry Stringfield

Derrik (Fischer's bodyguard) : Anthony Anderson

James ( Fischer's bodyguard and chemist): Vin Diesel

Evan ( L.A. cop in Fischer's pocket): Josh Brolin

Robert (Russian investor): Mickey Rourke

Jason ( Russian investor): Billy Bob Thornton

Victor (technology & multimedia wizard): Philip Seymour Hoffman

Scott (First victim of the Dreemweever): Jake Gyllenhaal
Merri ( Scott's Wife ): Cameron Diaz

Stephan ( Plastic Surgeon): Robert Klein

Sergey (Russian Hitman):  Wladimir Klitschko 

Anton (Russian Hitman): Dolph Lundgren

Dodge Challenger (Badass ride): as itself

So,  I have handed the studio execs a perfect cast with a kick-ass soundtrack. Now, they just have to get their people in touch with my people to finalize the deal :)


  1. I highly approve of Vin Diesel in any role. Seriously. Don't get me started on The Chronicles of Riddick.

    Also approve of Fred Durst and the Dodge Challenger. You've kinda got an anti-hip, underbelly cool thing going on with the cast. Nice!

  2. R.S- Vin is way cool. This was kind of fun to do. I'm an anti-hip type of guy, so it works out very well. Thanks for Stopping in.

  3. Good idea - you've got me thinking. I need a fey red-haired elfin type - but I'd be willing to stretch a point to have Kirsten Dunst do it.
    Gerard Butler as the loner hero - or maybe the manipulative police sergeant - he works either - goodie or baddie.
    Ciaran Hinds would have to get in somewhere - he's ace.
    Ach - Cillian Murphy could be the tortured (mentally)hero now I come to think of it. Sufficiently gorgeous and talented to lift anything - even my work.

  4. Paul- Do you have a novel out? If so, what is the tilte, and where can I find it? Like your choices! Butler is awsome! Need to do some recon on Hinds and Murphy.

  5. Love your choices!

    With Heartbreaker, I didn't get much past a young Johnny Burns looking a lot like a young Rory Gallagher and Alex looking like Hannah Spearrit. Must try harder! :)

  6. Julie- Rory Gallagher holds Saint-like status with me, along with Phil Lynott. Just googled Hannah Spearrit. Great choice for Alex. The cool thing with Heartbreaker, is they could be so many different rock-n-rollers as you read it. Andy is a tough call, still trying to figure who could play him ;)