Friday, September 2, 2011

The Writing Season

I wish I could cop to writing everyday, but I would be feeding you a line of crap. Truth is, if I was talking about Sept thru April (which Lee Childs does) I think I could honestly say I do write everyday. This is my "writing season" and the last few weeks have been the "pre-season". Getting back into the swing of things, training the mind, setting goals, and getting so damn excited about it. If last year is any indication, it is also when the blogs start getting busy as well. I love this time of year, the long dark nights, kids in school, and I can easily dedicate a few, although late night hours to writing.

Sure, I'll try and squeeze in a short story in the off-season if I can and I'm always thinking about ideas and making notes, but I'm talking about 'sit your ass in the chair with regularity' writing.

Do you write every day, or are you like me and have certain times you write?

It's a long weekend here in the US, so if you live here, enjoy the last Summer hurrah and if you don't, tell your boss, I gave you the day off: :)


  1. Yes! to a long weekend.
    I write almost everyday, five of them for sure. But even after the weekends, especially this next one, I have a hard time getting back into the groove - I think that's why I'm afraid to go too long without writing. It'll just be that much harder.
    Good luck on your penning this fall.

  2. Erin- I hear you on that. I'm a really obessisive compulsive type, so once I get back into the swing of things, I'm all in. Like most of us, writing def takes it's toll on you in many ways, but I love it so much. By the time April rolls around, I'm pretty much burnt out mentally. Plus, I'm heavily involved in the sport of lacrosse from April thru July. I still love the summer time and all that goes along with it. I'm working on a story now and loving every minute of it. Have a great long weekend!

  3. I'm not an obsessive compulsive type, I'm a lazy type, but I'm feeling the same kind of anticipation as far as getting back into writing shape after Labor Day.

    After, because mostly I'm working the paying job this weekend.

  4. Seana- That pesky paying job keeps getting in the way. This summer, I missed out on the memorial Day and 4th of July becuse of work. Both we the best 4 day stretches of weather of the Summer. Best of luck getting back into it!

  5. The all-in works for me too - but getting that all-in time is difficult. So I pick here and pick there. Lots of things underway, almost nearly finished - but not quite. Not as many as I would like finished finished.
    Though I haven't been lying around in the sunshine so much this year - which has got to be a good sign for writing, huh?