Monday, September 26, 2011

The Beat On The Street

It was a weekend full of my kids sports activities, but I did manage to finish / submit a story I was working on, and submit another one.  Lot's going on in the world of web, so for anyone who did not catch some, or all of the below news, here you go.

- Peter Rozovsky has hit the 5 year mark of his excellent Detectives Beyond Borders blog. I found out about DBB, from Adrian McKinty's blog, and glad I did. Congrats Peter! You can read about Peter's recap of his 5 years in the biz HERE

- The Nerd of Noir friggin' kills me. Every time I read a review by this dude ( or, er, dudette? who knows?) I not only get the straight dope on the subject matter, but also laugh my ass off.  Check out The Nerds take on the movie "Drive" HERE and George Pelacanos' "The Cut"  HERE. This Pelacanos cat has got me all kinds of excited and I'm diving in, full throttle, starting tonight.

- Paul Brazill is doing the Chinwag over at Richard Godwin's place HERE

-Dave Barber is over at Nigel Birds, being grilled by his Two Blokes characters.  Check out the insanity HERE

- Speaking of Mr. Barber, he's also the editor of the Flash Fiction Offensive and there are two great reads I found there. "Robert the Arab Girl" by Stuart Matthew David HERE and "Lunch Break" by Trey R Barker HERE

- Chris Rhatigan really impressed me with what he was able to do with a 50 word limit over at the 50 to 1 site. Check out "Guy With the Barbed Wire Tattoo" HERE

- Over at Ashedit, there are some great pics from Bouchercon 2011 ( including, ahem, Christa Faust, be still my heart) Check them out HERE

- Found a new blog that I look forward to following. The host is Cath Bore, Liverpool writer. Enjoyed the posts so far. Stop in and check out Cath's place HERE


  1. It's great having you as a clearing house for where I should look. Like having a friend who finds great new music.
    So thank you.
    (Your work rate when it comes to writing and submitting is a bit annoying though.In a good way.)

  2. BWT- My pleasure. And I love music as well, so if you have any hot tips, do tell. As far as my write / submit rate goes, it was 2 months of writing / agonizing/ revisiing, which could very well still be considered complete shyte after all the toil. But, love every minute of it! P.S heard a cool song called "People Say" by a band "Portugal: The Man." I really dig the chorus.

  3. Thanks! You're a true gent.

    No Christa Faust picture from Bouchercon this year, but I did drop a white linen napkin in her path at the convention hotel. I'll never again wash the part of my anatomy where she slapped me.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

  4. Peter, I should not be laughing so hard, this early. If all goes according to plan ie: I'm still alive and not incarcerated, I fully intend to go to next years event in your great city. I'll be the guy hiding behind the hotel plants, like Artie Johnson....vedddy interesting ;)