Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get Plugged For Free @ C.A.P

Over at Declan Burke's fantabumundo blog, Crime Always Pays, there is a free, signed copy of Eoin Colfer's "Plugged" up for grabs. Stop on over and try your luck HERE


  1. It's definitely worth the time and effort, and the cover price. I really liked it. I'll have a review up eventually, when I can find the time to sit down and finish it. I really enjoyed meeting Eoin Colfer at a signing also, he's got some great stories to tell.

  2. Glenna, that is good to know. Based on what I have read online re: "Plugged". I'm hoping for the same type of story / style that might be like something Colin Bateman, or even Declan Burke(pre-AZC) might write. Is this expectation far off the mark?

  3. Not at all, I haven't read Colin Bateman yet, although I do have one of his books on my shelf, but the lead in Plugged did remind me of Declan's Harry Rigby in Eightball Boogie, (and of course Chandler's books as a result).