Monday, September 12, 2011

The Beat On The Street

Saw lots of 9/11 specials on the tube all week and yesterday. God bless everyone who died, survived, and sacrificed their time helping out before and after this trajedy. I'm damn proud to be an American!!

The NFL was on yesterday, but I watched the US vs Ireland Rugby World Cup match. What a great sport and these guys make NFL players look silly. Most of my mates on the cricket team I played for  also played Rugby, so I know how tough and fearless you need to be to play rugby. I think in my younger days, I would have been a decent Rugby player but... I still have all my teeth and the legs have avoided serious injury so far, so propably just as well. AND  BELOVED NOTRE DAME LOST TO MICHIGAN, They officially SUCK!

- Sanda Seamans beat me to the punch on some excitin news from John Kenyon, Check it out HERE

- Glenna is back in action with a couple of well done reviews, including Declan Burke's Absolute Zero Cool HERE

- R.S Bohn is giving away a print  version of her chapbook "Letters From The Egg". She's mulling over a couple options for the best way to do the random drawing. Maybe a reader poll is in order R.S? Check it out HERE

- Steve Weddle has a great post about writer conventions over at Do Some Damage and if you leave a comment you could win a copy of  "D*cked"  HERE

- Paul Waters over at Blackwatertown, has  link to a short film, "Attack of the Evil Muffins" by aspiring filmmaker Hannah Charles. Def worth a look HERE

-Big congrats to Gerard Brennan over at Crime Scene NI, whose forthcoming novella "The Point" has already secured some big-tme endorsements. Find out who HERE

- More big-ups and best wishes / hopes go out to Greg Grzegorzek, whose novel just went out on submission to publishers. Read all about it HERE

- And finally, Jodi Macarthur is back in action. This is great news from a way cool and talented writer. Details HERE


  1. I love your recaps of what's going on in the blogosphere, Sean. I'm happy to see Glenna up and running again too, and I think John's project sounds very, very interesting.

  2. Thanks Seana. Sanda Seamans' blog is prob my fav for getting the scoop on what is happening. She does a great job with that. Also Enjoy Glenna's blog. Some mighty good folks out there, including John K.

  3. Glad to know you enjoy Rugby! If you're ever over here I can give you a guided tour - I live in Rugby, the home of the game! ;-p

    (Thanks for your comment over at TFFO on my recent story, btw!)

  4. Sue- Thanks for stopping in. Your story was great. Thanks for the offer. I'm also a big fan of Cricket, especially the English team.

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  6. I don't understand cricket all that well - my husband will watch it endlessly!

    He once bought me an apron with this on it!