Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Lyric By Any Other Name

Found the Be Here Now cd by Oasis while cleaning out a TV cabinet last week and have beeen listening to it alot. The song in the video clip is "My Big Mouth" and is my favorite on the disc There a line in it that goes:

"I'll put on my shoes as I'm walking slowly down the hall of fame". 

This song sparked a couple ideas for a story I'm working on now, mainly because I misinterpreted the above lyric as  "You can hold my shoes as I'm walking slowly down the hall of fame", which I think sounds even cooler. Lots of ideas came from that simple mistake. Lucky I have not blown out the speakers in my Jeep, listening to it, but this is one of those 'crank it up' type of songs.

Thanks to Sandra Seamans' blog, I found very helpful post by Alan Rinzler on how to publish your short stories to some new paying markets. It seems like the short is really making a comeback. Check it out HERE

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