Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh Blackwater, Keep on Rollin.

No, Gerry Adams isn't talking about the results of his "enhancement"  test trial, but he is the latest subject of  the very entertaining "The Day I met..." competition over at Paul Waters' Blackwatertown blog. This is a good one, and incredibly, true. Had me laughing, and on the edge of my seat. So, stop on over and join the fun HERE


  1. Ah Sean - thanks for the mention and good choice of picture. All are welcome.
    I have to correct your Irish though - they're no longer Tiocfaidh ár lá - it's all gone Tiocfaidh ármani.
    (But stop press - Martin McGuinness is going for President of Ireland - so maybe...)

  2. Paul, you crack me up, and your blog is terrific. Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Gerry Adams has been the undisputed leader of the republican movement through war and the peace process.