Friday, March 18, 2011

Step Right Up...Win a Copy of Mindjacker

As promised, here's your chance to win a free print copy of "Mindjacker", which I will ship to wherever the winner lives. All you have to do is guess the real life person that I had in my head when I created the character Crystal Kelly. She's a B-list actress and the main squeeze of megalomaniacal L.A. shrink Joel Fischer. So, here we go...

I was  / am a huge fan of the HBO series Oz, and this actress, who I first saw in one of my favorite episodes of Law & Order, appeared in a stretch of OZ episodes. The role she played in that L&O episode is who I had in my head. She's not an A-lister, but there was something about her I just dug. Below is the short chapter, where I introduce her in the novel.


        “How are you my dear?” Joel said over his cell phone.

“Actually, I’m getting ready to go to lunch. What’s up?”

“I wanted to run something by you. It might prove to be a good opportunity.”

“Oh, is that right. You know me, I’m all about opportunity. When it knocks, I’m right there standing naked at the door. No seriously, what’s going on?”

“Through a client of mine, I’ve been made aware of a director and a screenwriter, who are going to be in New York this weekend on a working vacation. From what I’m told, they already have a deal, an extremely lucrative one I might add, to make the picture.”

“And this is important to me...why?”

“It’s important to you because they will be in New York to review locations and more importantly, because two large roles have not been cast yet. Roles I might add, that you could be a nice fit for.”

“Now you have my attention baby. What’s the catch though? As much as I’d like to believe that this is only about little ‘ole me, I know there has to be something else.”

“Can’t this just be considered a simple act of kindness, done for no other reason than the worship of one of the most attractive members of the opposite sex?”

“Please, save it, come on.”

“Well, if somehow theses gentlemen, who I might add are relocating to LA, were to decide they needed to confide in a certain professional about their issues that might be considered a brilliant stroke of good fortune. Don’t you think?”

“Now you’re talking. So what’s the plan? I’m presuming the plan doesn’t include me investing any of my hard earned money. Does it?”

“Why of course not my dear, I think the two of you will be extremely happy with the arrangements.”

“The two of us, who’s the two of us?”

“Ah yes, like I said, there are two of them that are going to be out there and I can’t very well send you out there alone now. Can I? I was thinking that your friend Leigh Anne might be persuaded to join you. Do you think that’s a possibility? Of course, she wouldn’t have to know anything other than it’s a free trip to the greatest city in the world, outside of LA of course. What do you think?”

“I’ll ask her, but no guarantees. I’ll see if she’s up for it. It’s just a weekend right?”

“Yes, get there on Friday and back by Sunday afternoon. Get in touch with her and let me know, toot sweet. If she doesn’t want to go, start thinking of a plan B person. Anyway, just let me know, I’ll take care of all the arrangements. Five star all the way baby. Make sure you tell your friend that too, okay? Ciao.”

“Later magic man.”


  1. Edie Falco? ...she might be too old now but she was a lot younger in OZ over 10 years ago.

    She appeared in a few law and order episodes but then again its been on TV for 20+ years so who hasn't appeared on it

    It's more likely to be Kathryn Erbe who is in L+O criminal intent and a bit cuter than Edie. (does the Criminal intent disqualify her)

    Ahhhh my brain hurts. I'll just buy the book ;)

  2. TF- Sorry...worthy choices, but not correct. Could be anyone of the L&O franchises. No limit in the # of guesses, and like I have done in the past, I will provide a 3rd clue, depending on how it goes.

  3. After a bit of investigative work, my guess is Kristin Rohde.

  4. Dave- Another good one, must be something about those prison guards. There a few hints I could give that would make it a lot easier, but I'll refrain for now, but here's an image that might help.

    "The screen transitioned to a red, nineteen seventy-five Corvette convertible pulling up Joel’s driveway. A woman with a mane of blond hair, wearing white framed, star shaped, sunglasses sat behind the wheel."

  5. Elisabeth Röhm. Only blonde I can find at the minute.

  6. Elisabeth Rolm...Oh behave, but no dice. Alright then, her most recent role was in the bio-pic of Irish Mickey Ward.

  7. Okay, people. I already have my copy of Mindjacker, so I'm going to offer a hint. You might want to research the cast of Oz a little bit more.

    Sean, yes, I would like to win a copy of Mindjaker, but I don't think that volume really exists...yet.

    And I do have to share my great word verification word: phessusp

  8. Seana- That is good advice. That damn C key i alway giving me trouble.

    Dave- survey says....nice try, but no

  9. Last try, dude. I have to fess up and tell you that I have never watched L&O or OZ. So here's my guess.....Kristin Bauer.

    If it's wrong I'm just gonna buy your book! ;-)

  10. Dave- Oh man, sorry again. Tell you what, for being such a good sport, and if you have an interest in reading it, I will send you a copy. Just send me an email spreardon81(at)gmail(dot)com, with the ship to address and it will be on the way!


    The contest is still open and when you compare it to an Adrian McKinty contest, it is still easier ;)

  11. Cheers dude! Email on it's way. Have a great day, my friend!

  12. Man oh man what David Barber, that varmint will do to highjack a MINDJACKER!

    Uh, I just walked in 'cause I heard Seana's "phessup" word verifier and wanted to see if anyone really would -- phess up? Oh - our illustrious colleague Mr Barber did -- he admits to not watching either of the SPR inspirational tv programming spurts.

    I didn't either.
    And since no one mentioned what finesse it was tantalizing the public with such a Crystal splash sensation of a portion of your book's dialogue to . . . entice, uh, I will.

    Good enticing Mr Reardon.
    I'm gettin' the book but you have to inscribe it buddy!

    Seana? You got somethin' to phessup about?
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  13. I'm back. It's got to be Jenna Lamia,

    Carrie Schillinger in OZ
    Siobhan Miller in L+O - SVU
    Sherri Ward in The Fighter.

    If it isn't her i give up.

    And no, I'm not above using IMDB for free stuff ;)

  14. TF- You got it man! Congrats!! Just send me an email at spreardon81(at)gmail(dot)com with the ship to address and I'll get it in the post this week.

    Everyone, Thanks for playing!!!

  15. "The contest is still open and when you compare it to an Adrian McKinty contest, it is still easier ;) "

    Ain't that the truth..

  16. It's more a question of what I don't have to 'phessusp' about, A*Kate.

  17. Whoa there Sean Patrick!

    You can see we have "another" winnah - YOU, when you interview Seana and let loose clues 'bout what she won't 'phessup'. (You do know that word is stickin' with me?) *waving* "Hi Glenna".

    ~ Absolutely*Kate