Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lady Gaga Show Was Insanely Awesome!!

Had a complete blast at the Gaga show last night. I'll go even futher and say it was the best show I have seen in my life. I'm all about rock-n-roll, but this was truly a spectacular event. I have been thinking about the best way to describe it and here's what I came up with.

If you took the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Blue Man Group, The Wizard of Oz, a great rock band, and added a one hell of a singer / performer, you would have the Lady Gaga Monster Ball.

Let me just say first off that Gaga can sing tremendously and man can her back up band (drums, dueling guitarist on Gibson's and bass player) play. There was no lip synching or phony backing tracks involved.

The TD BankNorth Garden (still the Boston Garden to me) was packed to capacity with all of us "little monsters", moving , grooving, and singing along. Huh? you're 45 years old Seano, a big tough aspiring crime writer, oh the shame, say it isn't so. Well, that's the whole shtick of the show; come on in, lock the doors to keep all the normals out, and let your freak flag fly.

There were drag queens, drag kings, Gaga wannabees, grandma's, kids, adults.and every possible thing you could imagine. And this was just in the concourse, before they opened the doors. It was priceless watching all the stuffy business people walking through the crowd to catch their trains home. My wife's dad has lived in Cape Cod for 25 years and we have been to Provincetown so many times, none of this was new to me, my daughter, or her friend. Basically, the philosophy in my house is there are two kinds of people; Good and Assholes.

The show was supposed to start at 8:00 PM, but the opening act The Scisssor Sisters didn't come on until 8:30 and they were not good. They wrapped up at 9:00 and the audience was made to listen to Michael Jackson songs until 9:45, when things got going. It was worth the wait and the show ended at 11:45. Not once during that 2 hours did it lose the momentum. Even during the 4 short intermssions, the music and acccomanying video's were awesome. Every song was an event equal to a big time Broadway production in itself and Gaga knows how to work a room.

I would go see her again in a minute and besides the new hit "Born this Way", she played another new one that is sure to go to # 1 when it is released and it is more like a rock pop song with an insane guitar solo.

If you get a chance, I would recommend trying to see as she is way talented and the production is second to none. It was one of those times, me and my daughter will remember forever. My wife took her to a Gaga show last year at the Wang Center , but my daugher said this one blew it away.


  1. I'm sold. I love Gaga anyway, but wouldn't have thought to go to one of her shows before now.

    Aaaand... can I say how surprised I am? Your enthusiasm screams through the screen! Wow! Yeah, big tough crime writer (pffft, please, we ladies have you and David Barber on the line, and we know what softies you both are).

    Also, two kinds of people: Yep.

  2. I don't do pop concerts, especially stadium twoddle, but if I did I would hope that there's be a bit of showbiz about it. So, sounds good!

  3. I can only imagine. I'm not big on pop either, but I would go see the Lady! Good for you : )

  4. R.S. Yeah, it was def cool and you would have a blast

    Paul- I'm with you. I had not been to a large venue show in ages and only go to rock shows in small venues, which there are many of up my way.

    Erin- I am even shocked myself, as I can't stand 99.9 % of today's music.

  5. Sounds like novel material, Sean. I've only seen her in her political stance, but I guess I'm going to have to check out the music as well.

    I like the spirit in which you did this. You must be a pretty cool dad.

  6. Seana- I make it point not to care what any celeb thinks about anything. Just entertain me and keep your views to yourself kind of approach. Sting, Madaonna, Eddie Vedder, Bono, all make me cringe

    I like to think my kids think i'm okay. Even when I have to get tough, I have to "get in character". They are both good kids, so that makes it easier.