Friday, March 11, 2011

The Beat On The Street

When I was a kid Lost in Space was my favorite show and man did I hate Dr. Smith. I always wondered when Don was going to give him the beat down he earned and deserved every episode. This guy was the definition of a scoundel. Anyway, lot's going on in the blogsphere.

- Julie over at the Gone Bad blog has just released a collection of her crime stories. I have it on my nook and it is awesome. Details HERE

- Alan Griffith has chosen Anonymous-9's "Hard Bite" as his crime fiction choice at Col Bury's blog. What a story it is. A-9  (way cool name) is my kind of writer for sure. Find a link to the story HERE

Glenna has a great review of Adrian McKinty's new novel "Falling Glass" HERE

- Chris Allinotte's Madness in March stories start on March 13th. Find them HERE

- Thanks to the always entertaining Nerd of Noir, I found out about a free PDF collection that features great stories by some big-time writers. Downloaded it HERE

- Richard Godwin's novel "Aposte Rising" is now for sale. Paul Brazill can tell you about it HERE

- The A Twist of Noir's 600-700 challenge resumes en force on Monday HERE

- Chris Rhatigan had a cool flash piece published at Michael Solender's blog HERE

- If you have a great 200 word opening to a short story, the American Pop Lit blog is having a contest. deadline is March 21. Check it out HERE

- R.S Bohn has a really moving flash story at her blog HERE

- If there is a better source for what's going on in the world of publishing opportunities than Sandra Seaman's blog, I have not found it. These 3 items came from her.
- Allen Guthrie's writing rules HERE
- If you have a Bigfoot story. You can submit it HERE
- A riotous essay on the evolution of the use of shit and fuck in literature and film HERE

- Lastly, Dave Barber has done such a good job as the new editor of the Flash Fiction Offensive that submissions have been put on temporary hold. Details HERE


  1. Oh! I was reading through the items with interest and was pleasantly surprised to see my name. Thank you!

    And now to start clicking...

    Wait. One more thing: I'm guest judge this week at Lily's Friday Prediction. If anyone wants to try their hand at some micro-flash, come over and play!

  2. Great list of links, Sean. Thanks!

    And thank you for the shout. It's only temporary and they should be open again in a month or so. Nice one!

  3. I just read said riotous essay about cussing, and I have to say, that's pretty interesting. I guess I've never really thought about it, that's just how it's always been.

    And again, thanks for the mention.

  4. R.S- There was something about your story that stayed with me. I entered Lili weekly event once and I just might give it a shot again, with such an cool judge it's hard to pass up.

    Dave- You have really been posting some great stories over at FFO

    Glenna- I think seeing the picture of Ursula, who wrote the essay, is what made it even more entertaining.

  5. Really cool links. And can I just say, I love how you make the links noticeable. I hate having to search for them. I've never seen Lost in Space but you've got me intrigued.

  6. Clariss- Thanks for stopping and I hope you were able to contact all your relatives. Simple is better in most cases. Lost in Space was on in the, ahem, late 60's early 70's, when I was a kid.

  7. Dr. Smith--what a baddie he was! They just don't make villains like that anymore.

    As usual, I'm super impressed with the publicity you give everyone, Sean. It's helpful and effective.

    Can't read anymore Falling Glass reviews until I've actually read the book, though. Glenna's good about spoilers, but from many dropped comments here and there in various reviews and posts, I already know a few key elements I'd rather not.

  8. Should clarify, not dropped comments from her her, just in general.

  9. Some great links here, Sean. Top stuff, as always. And thanks for the shout about Gone Bad - very much appreciated. You're a pal! :)

  10. Seana- I hate spoilers, and most times do not read review beforehand just for that reason. I think it is pretty insane that Adrian's novel won't be avaiable in the U.S until 2012 and their is no ebook version available.

    Juile- My pleasure, I still rememeber the first time I read one of your stories, and was beside myself it was so damn good.

  11. Seana,

    I figured that was why you hadn't stopped by knowing you were one to avoid spoilers. And I try to keep spoilers out as much as possible, but with good books, it's really not easy when you want to go on and on about it. I fear I didn't do Falling Glass justice for that reason. Stop by when you've read it, it's a good one.


    I recommend the audio if you have an MP3, Gerald Doyle does a great job, and maybe you could pick up the accent some and surprise the wife ;)

  12. Glenna, I definitely will read your review when I've read the book.

    People seem to have been having a bit of a problem getting this through Book Depository, but I would still give it a go if I were you, Sean, and see what happens.