Sunday, February 13, 2011

When The Breaks Are Beating the Boys

Man, has it been a hellaciuos stretch lately, one that has seriously challenged my undying Joie de Vivre. Yet, I have been around the block enough to know that everything passes, eventually, and so it has. No earth shattering stuff, but enough to be really fucking up my program that it was all I could do to stay up-to-date with my fav blogs, which kept me sane. Now I'm revisting them and commenting on all the great stories and info.

Adding to the insanity was that darn inspiration striking right before all hell broke loose, and feeling the need / compulsion to finish a couple of stories I had started, and having to come up with something for The Fab Feb Film Fest. I really am my own worst enemy sometimes. I'm reading "Black Mass" and watched "In The Name of The Father". Both excellent by the way.

On thing that is really bumming me out is I can't comment on Paul Brazill's blog because Internet Explorer seems to crash my browser every time I try. My laptop is the one I use for work as well and non IE browsers are a big no-no. So Mr. B, I'm still enjoying your blog as usual but...I'm with you in spirit man!


  1. Hey, good luck getting back in the groove, Sean. I thought something must be off. I'm sure your joie de vivre will come home before you know it.

    Might be something in the air or in the stars or something, because I'm seeing the 'life getting in the way of inspiration' frustration all over the place right now.

    If you were in Santa Cruz, someone would tell you Saturn was in retrograde or something. Luckily for you, you're not, and I won't.

  2. Glad to see you made it through, and with inspiration in overdrive, no less! Go, you! :)

    Looking forward to your Fab Feb Film Fest story. I owe Ms A*-K a wee tale for Rat Pack. It's begun and I think I have my voice/characters, but I must check on the deadline. I'd hate to miss it. (She's a grand gal, bless her!)

  3. Seana- Very amusing. Among other things, a bad diswasher install from a major do it yourself home supply store, ruined all the hardwood floors in the downstairs of my house, not good.

    Julie-I'm in the same boat with the Rat Pack story and I feel terrible. I love the era but don't know how to write in that style. I'm hoping the first one, will give me a little direction,before it is too late.

  4. Nice to see you around. I'm now using Google chrome or Firefox to put things on my blog so it might be easier if you read it with one of them?

  5. Sean, good to see you back. I hope the floors get fixed up. Nothing like surprise home repairs to make life difficult.

  6. Sean, Firefox for the win. IE is so full of bugs its icon should be an ant's nest.

    Thanks for your comment on my story on Col's guest blog by the way, much appreciated!

  7. Paul- Thansk for the heads up. I'll try that.

    Glenna-you can say that again, plus my roof was about to cave in from all the snow and had to pay outrageous $ to have it shoveled off and break all the ice dams.

    Paul G- IE really does bite the big one, but THE MAN closely monitors the software we put on our laptops. Your story was terrific and worthy of it place on CB's site, that's 'fo sure!