Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Absolutely * Fab Story & Great News for Declan Burke

Declan Burke shared some really great news over at Crime Always Pays. His tremendous new novel, which I had a chance to read, has found a publisher. Details HERE

Over AT THE BIJOU,  where a story isn't just a story, it's an extravaganza of the highest order ( I almost feel bad for not having to fork over an admission fee)  Absolutely*Kate's Fab Feb Film Fest is featuring  a tremendous story, "Chopper John" by Colin James. You have to read this. I burst out laughing in my veal cube today. Read it and enjoy  HERE


  1. Sean, it's great publicity, but I do have to point out that it is At the Bijou, not at the Bayou. I believe bijou means something like jewel.

    Thanks for the great news about Declan's book as well.

  2. *CHEERS* to Declan! Success is motion on a rock and roll for great authors.

    I'm laughing, I'm joying, I'm trying not to emit the spit of a late night cup o'joe as I see AT THE BIJOU become AT THE BAYOU and then the lustrous Seana (PLAYING A THEATRICAL SHOW ON MONDAY, FEB 7 -- AT THE BIJOU - not to be confused with the Bayou, though we 'are' rather jazzy)... LOVIN' THE EXTRAVAGANZA FEEL you did zeal and what happened to your chomp of veal, Mr Reardon sir.

    "Chopper John" and Colin James are both superb in shine and glean, and Sean's right -- "Bijou" is the french word for jewel. You two high class authors are sure gems in my red velvet seated theatre for the mind.

    I'm Absolutely*Kate ... and I endorse this message

  3. Seana- Man do I feel like an idiot, but it has been corrected. Looking foward to Feb 7th!

    A*K- Must have been a subliminal thing and I'm blaming my lifelong love of Creedence

  4. No prob at all Sean - There's a bathroom on the right ... whoops ... There's a Bad Moon on the Rise.

    Seana's "theatricality" is gonna been one *zing* of a show come Feb. 7th ... after the SUPER*STEELERS curtain raising of course! ~ Absolutely*Kate (with terrible towel)

  5. Seana/Glenna- Thansk for the, er, double tagging. I'll get to work on my lies / truth and tagging asap.