Friday, February 18, 2011

Madness In March Story Challenge

Over at the Leaky Pencil blog, host Chris Allinotte is sponsoring a story challenge that sounds very interesting. I swore I would hold off on the shorts for a while, but I don't think I can resist this one. I'm finally realizing that the stories that give me the most problems are the ones where you have to include certain aspects or items in the story. Besides a crime theme, I like to freewheel it and find that required items in a story, while good for brain exersize, end up getting in the way of the story. Check out the details HERE

Highlights from the challenge include:

*2000 word max

* The best of the runners' up to be featured on Chris' blog on every second Wednesday at thirteen o'clock following the contest.

*If your story is the best of the bunch, Chris will feature the book of your choice, and its purchase link on this site for 30 days.  (There may be a little something else for the winner as well, but that's t.b.d.) 

*For all the entries, Chris will be putting together a PDF chapbook that includes featured stories, as well as any other entries received, to be sent out after everything's finished.


  1. Great pimping, Sean. I'm working on something at the moment. Patti Abbott has also got a challenge st the mo. The deadline for that is 28th Feb.

    Sean, why don't you pop over to Lily's blog and give her Friday Prediction a go. It's great fun and I find it helps me with my longer projects. If I'm blanking on a longer story or my novel, writing a flash piece seems to "grease the cogs" a bit. You know where she is if you fance iy.

    Have a great weekend, mate!

  2. Pssst.....apologies for the dodgy typos in the above comment. I think you know what I was saying. HA!!!

  3. Interesting- I will go check it out!

  4. Dave- I'm the king of typo's. I gave Lili's challenge a shot once and it was fun although my style didn't really fit in with most of the themes. I'm sure I'll try again. Def will check out Patti A's thanks for the heads up.

    Summer- Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well. It does sound interesting and offers some extra exposure if chosen, which is always good!

  5. Me too, Sean. Trying to work on the big novel, but so many temptations with SS!
    Good luck if you throw your hat in.

  6. Erin- Thanks. There's still time, so I just might. We are always putting pressure on ourselves but creativity is like an addiction ;)

  7. Sean, frankly I think that this one is right up your alley. Hope you give it a go.