Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Th Rat Pack Review has kicked off at Absolultely* Kate's blog AT THE BIJOU. Special guest, Mystery writer Robert J. Randisi, who has also authored a series of way cool "Rat Pack Mysteries"  is featured today and throughout the extravaganza. This is going to be a good one, for sure. Check it out HERE


  1. It is a ton of fun, so stop by!

  2. Well Seana -- it's no mystery those Rat Pack Mysteries are selling so well. And you - you in the front row with your cocktails already -- and already an AT THE BIJOU star.

    But look there -- yes -- right where that gallant SEAN PATRICK REARDON just let his great viewing public know about our 3-week show -- The guy's great and as a show man himself he's humble too -- he neglected to say -- he himself will be making his AT THE BIJOU debut as part of the RAT PACK REVUE.

    It's a grand show I'm tellin' ya -- check out all the acts folks -- and BE SURE to come 'round for Mr Reardon's closeup -- We're adjusting the kleigs soon.

    (Sean, thanks!)
    But Mr Randisi, RJR, "Bob" and sometimes even Pally when he's really RatPacking the mood, he's somethin' -- they call him the last of the great pulp writers -- but he's more than that -- it jumps off page after page.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
    honoured to hang with all you guys,
    such talent ~ AT THE BIJOU

  3. Seana- I'm def there!

    A*K- It looks great so far, awesome job!

  4. Thanks Mr Reardon!

    Yeah Kevin Michaels nightclub scene is real smooth, real slick ... ya just drink it in like a single malt ... and ask for more.

    I promise to put your name in high wattage bulbs. KEEP WATCHIN' THE RAT PACK REVUE FOLKS! This is show*biz at its most razz-a-ma-tazz.

    ~ Absolutely*Kate,
    author, humble promoter
    and bon vivant ~ AT THE BIJOU,
    where writers' raves are readers faves