Monday, February 28, 2011

All Star Lineup For Patti Abbott's "Scarry Night" Flash Challenge.

Over at Patti Abbott's blog, there is a veritable who's who of short story writers who took part in her Scarry Night Flash Challenge. I missed out on this one, but considering who took part, I don't feel worthy enough to be listed with such talent. You can find links to all the stories HERE

- Bale won the Oscar for BSA, the only one I really cared about, and I figured there was a 50% chance he would get screwed out of it.

- For whatever reason "GoodFellas" has been playing a lot on cable lately and I watch it every time if I am home. If I had to pick one movie as my favorite, this would be it.

- There's still time to enter Chris Allinotte's Madness in March Story Challenge. Deadline is March 4th. Details HERE

- I'm still working away on my next novel, "Sissy Murphy" or "The Dead and Dying" are the titles I like so far. I have a 2000 word crime story "Toraloo" submitted to TKnC, I'm finishing one to send to Flash Fiction Offensive, and working on one for Chris A's above mentioned challenge.

Lastly, today is the deadline for the Red Adept Review: Twists Contest. I submitted a 2,500 word story (non crime / violence) two months ago and should find out soon if it made the cut and will be in the planned anthology which will be published. JA Konrath is involved, so that is a bonus. Details of the contest are HERE


  1. Shouldn't that have been All Scar Lineup?

    Hey, good luck with the various projects. I meant to do the Scarry Night challenge too, but I ran out of time. I may still run with it on my own as I had at least a glimmer of a shadow of an idea.

    I'm glad you're still keeping up with Sissy Murphy in the midst of all this.

  2. Seana- Great call on the "All Scar" tremendous!

    I just found out about Patti's challenge a couple days ago, so I missed the boat, although I swore I would take a break from prompt based challenges. Theme's I can deal with, but the prompts really frustrate me. If you come up with something, I'd love to read it.

    I decided to expand my FFO story and use it for Chris A's challenge. Just finished it. Going with something else for the FFO. I still enjoy the novel length story writing best, but the shorts keep the creativity fresh and help to get out of the rut.