Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Richard Godwin Interviews Jason Michel

The thing I love about blogs, at least the ones I follow, is that most times, one good blog post leads to another and then some.

Thanks to Paul Brazill's POST I found out about Jason Michel, who turned me on to Richard Godwin's blog, where he just happens to have a tremendous  interview with Jason HERE

Of course I knew of Paul (who doesn't these days) and Richard, who's novel Apostle Rising, looks awesome and I'm purchasing as part of Erin Cole's way cool December Promotion, but finding out about Jason and his writing was a real treat. Check out all of the above, if at all possible.


  1. Hey Sean, thanks for stopping by today. Clarissa's an awesome blogger, one of the better ones out there. Glad to have her as a guest today.

  2. Stephen- My pleaure. Well worth the visit

    BDB- I fully intend to in the near future as PM is a way cool site, I look forward to following. Right now I am trying to finish something for an opportunity over at the Do Come Damage Blog. Really looking forward to reading your two books and learning plenty.

  3. I was looking down your blog list and saw this. I have to concur. Jason's mind is a wondrous work of bizarre, myth, imagination and intelligence. The interview was amazing insight into his mind. I have his antho and just purchased CoaBD. I agree.. send something to PMM. You'd fit into the great peeps there, Sean. ;-) And congrats on being number one at smashwords! I haven't bought your book yet, but I plan too this month!

  4. Jodi- Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I am waiting for both of Jason's offering's to be delivered and looking forward to reading them very much.