Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Beat on The Street

Lot's happening out there. Here are a few.

The Christmas Noir Flash Challenge continues until Jan 3rd over at Do Some Damage HERE
Some new stories as part of the ongoing 600 -700 word challenge are up at A Twist of Noir HERE

Let's not forget about the Fairy Tale Crime Story Contest. Deadline is Jan 14. Details HERE

After reading John McFetridge's "Let It Ride", as a paying customer, I posted this review on Barnes & Noble's site.

"I bought "Let It Ride" for my nook after reading some of the author's short fiction, which I enjoyed very much. I'm gving it a 5 star rating in the catagory of crime/suspense fiction. I have read many novels in the genre in 2010 and "Let it Ride" was the most entertaining of the lot. If Mel Torme is the Velvet Fog, then John McFetridge is the Velvet Pen, because his writing style, especially with dialogue, is so smooth. It's one of those rare novel's that are almost cinematic in style and storyline. I thought it would make a terrific movie, the whole time I was reading it. I have never been to Canada before, but after reading "Let it Ride", I feel like I have been there. It was a wild, exciting, dangerous trip, and I'll going to check out the author's other novels now."


  1. Good shout, Sean. Hope you had a great Christmas, mate.

  2. Thanks for swinging in Dave. X-Mas was great. Hope the same for you too.

  3. Thanks for the list of activities, Sean. Hope you're taking advantage of these challenges yourself!

  4. Hey SPR,
    Do you mind me calling you SPR reminds me of the word Spur, and i think that is a fun word. ANYWAYS, thanks for the links. The fiary tale crime story looks intriguing. In a way all those Grimm ones are of crimes one or another. Did you read the one where the step mother coaxes the younger child to a chest of apples, and when the child bends to take an apple she slams the chest lid chopping the child's head straight off! Hmm... I believe it is called simply, The Juniper Tree. It is a gruesome tale! Thank you for your comments on Buffalo Gal. I wish yuo a wonderful beginning to 2011.

  5. Jodi- SPR works for me. Yeah, the Grimm Bro's have some wild tales, and I'm going to read some more of them including the one you mentioned, which sounds really cool! I've been trying to make something out of "Rumplestiltskin" for a couple weeks now, but it has not been that easy. Hope 2011 is a great year for you in many ways!!!

  6. Oh that is one of my favorites. I actually mixed that tale with scarecrows with souls last years with Spindled Souls at Flashes in the Dark!

    There are so many fun, evil elements to Rumplestiltskin. Please feel free to email me if you wish to bounce ideas. Starting fires is my favorite thing to do! (other than writing, of course)

  7. Jodi- Thansk for the offer. Right now I'm at he point where a guy is in deep to the mob and his daughter, a chemist is kidnapped and has 3 day to perfect a new,higher grade, form of crank. I'm thinking the guy in charge of watching over her, is the Rumplestiltskin dude, and he somehow scut in half with a machete.