Friday, December 3, 2010

Chris Rhatigan's Top 5 in 2010 Bonanza

Over at Chris Rhatigan's ( a fine crime writer I must say) blog, he's running a feature where he's asking other mucho talented crime writers for a list of the 5 top crime shorts they read in 2010.  AJ Hayes provided the Weds list and Nigel Bird is showing now. Not only are there links to the 5 awesome stories, but also insightful comentary from the the writer providing the selection.

You can get the lowdown HERE


  1. Nice one, Sean. I'll be taking a look.

  2. What a great idea. Could prove to be a treasure trove!

  3. Dave/Clarissa/Seana,

    I am always amazed by the great ideas writers and fellow bloggers com up with. Chris also seems like a nice guy as well.