Friday, December 10, 2010

Interview with Cathy Stucker at Selling Books

Been a few posts this week about my novel and I try not overload the blog with to much self promotion, but when you send in answers to Q&A opportunities, you never know when they will be posted to the websites or blogs you submitted them to. One I did for Cathy Stucker over at the Selling Books website and had some different questions was put up today. If you want, you can view it out HERE as well as check out her site, which has all sorts of excellent info for writers.

Whether you are self published or have a deal with a traditional publisher, the fact is that you will have to do your part to get the word out about your novel, so part of the reason I do this is to let others know what opportunities are out there.

Thanks to Col Bury's post today, I leaned that even if you have an agent and a contract with a publisher, nothing is guaranteed ( No worries, it's not Col, he's linking you to another blog with the story). Read and learn about it HERE


  1. Nice work there on the interview, Sean. You are really making the blogosphere circuit!

    I just realized that you might like to see if you can get involved with Audrey Shaffer's chatroom. She schedules live chats with writers, and I once participated in an anthology talk there. It was pretty fun. Check it out at if you're interested. (I tried to make a link, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work.)

  2. Seana- Thanks so much for the info. Sounds awesome and I'm going to check it out now.