Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He Don't Pop His Zits, He Shaves Them Off.

Don't know why, but today's blog post title popped into my head at the gym yesterday. It was a line from an episode of one of my favorite 70's crime shows,  Baretta, that has always stuck with me. Anyway.....

As the end of the year approaches there are lots of lists everywhere. You know, "the best of" type of things.  Normally, I don't put much, if any, value in such things, but when the lists are offered up by like minded, respected writers, of course I'm going to pay attention and learn something. If you're serious about writing, you might want to do the same. So..

Chris Rhatigan is posting the top five stories of 2010 as told to him by a bunch of different crime writers HERE

At the the Crimefactory magazine blog, you can check out the Best of Whatever feature HERE

Don't forget this weekend's deadline for the Do Dome Damage 2010 Christmas Noir Challenge. Details HERE

Some fab new stories are up for the Twist of Noir 600-700 challenge HERE

As always, there are some new tales over at Killers, Thriller-n-Chillers HERE

And to wrap things up, hard hitting writer Julie Lewthwaite has a really cool story, "Let's Dance" at her blog HERE


  1. Love the blog post title!!! :D And thanks so much for the mention and the link - greatly appreciated. Did you write something for DSD?

  2. My pleasure, Julie. It was a great story. Yeah, I just sent my entry to DSD last night. Took about two weeks time, from the initial image I had in my head, until I finished it. Looking forward to see what everyone comes up with!

  3. Good stuff - mine's in, too. Should be a great wee series of stories!

  4. I think the reason so many people post lists is because people love them. I know I do. Thanks for your list.

  5. Clarissa- My pleasure. F. Scott Fitgerald was a huge keeper of lists, so how bad can they be, right? Thanks for stopping in!