Thursday, December 2, 2010


Over at one of my fav sites, DO SOME DAMAGE they have just announced a great opportunity to have your writing displayed on their site and a chance to win some swag. Basically, it's a Christmas themed crime story with a 600 -1000 word count.

I have been thinking about a new short, but nothing gives me a kick in the arse like a challenge or a contest. It's the competitor in me and the word count is a nice relief from the 80,000 I'm working on now.

All the details can be found HERE


  1. Thanks for the lead and link. It sounds fun, if I happen to come up with an idea.

  2. Ah, nothing says "Ho Ho Ho" like shaking up the snowflakes at a wintry crime scene. Thanks for the tipoff. ~ Absolutely*Kate

  3. Seana- My pleasure. Cant wait for SPAM-Part 2 ;)

    A*K- Just doing my part, while I rack my brain to come up with something.

  4. Apparently, according to the rules, you could just write, "It was Christmas Day", and then write whatever you want.

    Yeah, SPAM, Part 2--gotta get going on that...

  5. Thanks for the heads up on this, Sean. (I never know what's going on - I rely on you, Paul and Ian to keep me right!) Anyway, I have written and submitted a heartwarming festive tale - I'll link to it from GB when it's up at DSD. Thanks again - I'm really looking forward to seeing what you and the other participants come up with - should make for some great Christmas reading! :)

  6. Julie- Can't wait to see what you came up with. We're all in this together and when we all hit it big...