Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Beat On The Street

PD Bazill, as only he can, offers up his list of the 5 best cime stories of 2010 over at Chris Rhatigan's blog HERE

Thanks to Nigel Bird,  I found about a pretty cool story challenge that is going on over at the Things I'd Rather Be Doing Blog. I knew all those Fractured Fairlytale cartoons I use to watch as a kid would payoff someday. Find out the details HERE

Declan Burke is offering the opportunity to win some free crime fiction over at Crime Always Pays HERE and while you're there, be sure to check out the post regarding the Literary vs Genre fiction pissing contest, where heavy hitters Stuart Neville and John Connolly joined the fun HERE

On a more cerebral note, Seana Graham has a nice post on some recon she did regarding where she lived as a child. Well worth a look HERE

And finally, a special round of well wishes go out to Dave Barber's dad, who's had some challenging health issues lately. Dave's a top guy and you can let him, as many already have,  know he's not alone HERE


  1. Sean, thanks mate. I'm touched by the warmth and sincerity of my blogging friends. I've passed on all well wishes to my dad and he's making progress every day.

    Thanks for the links, man. I'll be checking them out!

  2. Thanks for the linkage, Sean. I'm intrigued by that fairytale challenge, and also hope to check out some of Paul's story picks when I have a free moment.

    David, my best to you and your dad.

  3. Dave- My pleasure!

    Seana- I love a challenge, especially when they give you the critera / guidelines up front. I bet you could come up with something.

  4. Thanks for all the cool links and I hope your friend gets better soon.