Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Wholesale"; My Entry For Lily Childs' Friday Prediction

Over at Lily Childs blog, she hosts a 100 word flash challenge using three words she comes up with that need to be included in the story. This week the words were: Bed-chamber, Kestrel ( a bird), and Uriel ( the Archangel). Lots of talent going on over there, which you can check out HERE

So, Here's my entry, "Wholesale".

When we enter the bed-chamber, the geezer is under the covers, mumbling to the rosary wrapped around his hands. The nightcap he's wearing makes him look like Scrooge and when I tell Ronni this, she laughs, tells him, "those beads ain't gonna' work old man. Uriel's fresh out of redemption today."

He starts kissing the Cross, tears running down his face. I point toward the bird on the nightstand. It's a Kestrel, stuffed postmortem with 500K in uncut ice from Dachau jewelers. Ronni grabs it, tosses it to me, and then pushes a pillow down hard on his face.


  1. Nice work with the challenge. Seems like it could be the beginning of something more.

  2. Seana- Thanks. Wasn't quite in line with the themes most of the other entrants went with, but my first thoughts with such challenges are to try and guess what others will do, and do something completely different. In this case, someone with diamonds from concentration camp victims case getting his due.

    I won a limerick contest in 4th grade, because my first thought was I'm not going to start it "there once was a.." because I knew everyone was going to do that.

    No story is wasted, and I'm sure I'll get more mileage out of this someday.