Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mark Staniforth's 'Fryupdale"

"Porn stars and serial killers, Nazis and nymphomaniacs, hunchbacks and bare-knuckle boxers: just a few of the disparate cast of characters who call the remote moorland community of Fryupdale their home"

This is what caught my attention, when I read Mark Staniforth's interview regarding his collection of short stories in "Fryupdale"

Need more convincing:
It's a collection of tough, gritty, down-to-earth tales from a semi-fictional North Yorkshire village. There's all sorts of folk from the fringes of society: porn stars, aliens, drunks, Nazis: you name it, they're probably in it. It's loosely based on the kind of place I grew up in, so I like to think I've got a good idea about what makes the characters tick. I won't lie - if you're a fan of chick-lit or wizards this stuff might not be for you. You could say it's an antidote to Harry Potter and all the best-seller, TV book-club froth. Hopefully that will count for something in itself.

Now, it's no secret that I love the U.K. crime writing style and after just a few sentences of the first story in "Fryupdale", I was "all in".

DID I MENTION THE PRICE OF "Fryupdale" IS FREE!!!, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

You can check out the interview, more info on Mark, and the link to download a free copy HERE


  1. Well, thanks! I'm shortly revamping my own blog site to include reviews. Yours will be one of the first on my list.


  2. Mark, the pleasure is all mine, and I appreciate you stopping in. Some really talented crime writers have been known to swing by and you might enjoy following their blogs and reading their stories. Thanks for the info on your blog plans as well.

  3. I love free books!! and I'm NOT a Harry Potter book fan...where do I find Fryupdale?

  4. Glenna- It is on Smashwords. Here is the link. You'll be asked to create a user ID to download it, but there is no obligation to buy anything. It is more for the security of the smashwords authors, which I am also one, so I can vouch for the integrity of the site. Good luck. Well worth it


  5. Great!! I got it. Thanks Sean.