Friday, November 12, 2010

The Red Adept Reviews Twists Contest

Over at Red Adept Reviews there is a very cool contest going on. Complete details can be found HERE

Here is some info:

I think most people have seen “Sixth Sense”, with Bruce Willis. Remember the surprise ending? Ever read some of O. Henry’s stories? Those are just two examples of the types of “twists” we are looking for in a story. We must never see it coming, yet think “Why didn’t I see that coming?”
All prizes below include publication in a new anthology titled, “Twists and Turns: A Red Adept Reviews Collection.” Each winning author will receive an equal percentage of the net royalties for this anthology and a copy of the resulting e-book.
The anthology will also feature a bonus short story from J.A. Konrath one of our sponsors!


  1. Thanks for that, Sean. I'm certainly up for this comp and the deadline is ideal.

  2. Dave- The only drag is the PG13 stipulation, but it is good to have the luxury of over 2000 words. Myself, when it comes to short stories, anything over around 3000, I have a hard time trying to stay focused reading that much in one stretch.

  3. Yes, with you on the wordcount. PG13 not too much of an issue. It'll be fun coming up with something. Have a great weekend, Sean.

  4. This really looks like fun, Sean. If I can think of a tale with a twist, I'll give it a shot.

    You're doing great work publicizing events and contests and opportunities, by the way.