Sunday, November 7, 2010

SAW 3D and other finds

Took my daughter to SAW 3D this weekend. We have watched all of them ( except # 6) on demand over the last month, so of course we had to see the 7th and final ( yeah right ) installment. It is what it is, when you watch a SAW movie and you know what you are in for. We loved it, and had a great time discussing the "franchise" on the way home. My wife and son decided to pass, stay home, and get in touch with their inner milquetoasts.

I saw 4 good crime themed movies on cable this week. I won't go into details or spoilers, but I think If I liked them, you might as well.

1) Brooklyn's Finest
2) Staten Island, New York
3) Life is Hot in Cracktown
4) Boondog Saints: All Saints Day

I still have not seen the first Boondog Saints, but I will soon. I have been fancying myself a new haircut, and I think I'm going with the the "boondog" style Sean Patrick Flannery has in the movie. Throw in a stache, chinbeard, and black Peacoat, and I think I'll have my winter look. Just might start wearing a scarf too.


  1. I haven't seen any of the SAW films (I'm too squeamish) but I love a good psychological suspense.

    I remember you from the WD forum and found your blog by chance while cruising the internet just now. Good to see you!


  2. Jai- I remember you well. You were an inspiration to many of us WD'ers. It was such a great group of people on that board. I hope all is well and thanks so much for stopping in, i'm honored!