Monday, November 29, 2010


I got into the sport of Cricket in 2005 after watching an episode of Inspector Morse where Det. Lewis, an avid follower of the sport, goes undercover at Oxford as a player to get to the bottom of a drug smuggling ring. It was the perfect time to get into the sport because the 2005 Ashes was such an incredible series of matches and the England squad had so many great characters ( Hoggy, Harmy, Pieterson to name a few) who eventually brought the Urn back to England in dramatic fashion.This was huge and I bought the DVD collection, which is awesome. Big 6's and vicious, fast bowling made this a great series which has yet to be equaled since.

The first of the 5 tests in 2010 just ended in a draw, but England put on a tremendous performace with the bat to earn it, as they were up against a huge deficit, and were all but counted out.

If you have a desire to keep track of the 2010 Ashes, Cricinfo does a great job with it. You can get it HERE


  1. You are the man!!! Good on you for shouting for our lot. It's on our TV at stupid o'clock due to the time difference, but I'm keeping tabs on everything.

    You're an honourary Englishman for a month or so!! Nice one, Sean.

  2. I think sport, as a rule, is pretty rubbish. Some people you don't know doing something silly very badly- if you're English. Cricket, of course, is some people you don't know doing something silly very badly. And very slowly.

    I like darts though. And not just the band.

  3. Dave- Most of my teamates were English ex-pats and all knew how to have a good time-on and off the pitch, so I am partial to them.

    Paul- I don't care to watch much US professional sports myself. Considering Boston is the ultimate sports city, it makes me loathe them even more. Notre Dame college football and lacrosse do it for me. Twenty/20 cricket is far more exciting than Test and One Day though, and the only version Americans would watch.