Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Positive Updates for a Shitty, Gloomy Monday

Well, the cold weather settled in here in the Northeast US, so I figured some happy positive news is in order.

My local indie bookstore called to tell me Scottish author Donna Moore's novel "OLD DOGS" finally arrived and I picked it up yesterday. Started reading it and it is awesome. I expected it to be a good one, knowing the unsavory company she keeps in the blogsphere. Did I mention I love unsavory things? I'll post a review when I finish, so stay tuned. Donna alos hosts a great crime blog HERE

In other news, crime blogger / author extraordinaire PD Brazill interviewed one Col Bury on his website HERE. I wish I could say I read it, but I must have some browser issues that prevent me from getting PD's site content. I really, really need to read this, so if someone can help me out with that, I'd be much obliged.

My "Kindle Author" interview was ranked in the top 10 for September for page views and comments. That was way cool to me, and I know followers of this blog, had a lot to do with it.. A big thanks to all of you!


  1. I was lucky enough to attend an evening with a few Scottish authors, where they talked about the process etc. Chris Ewan, author of the Good Thief Series put it together on the island, it had Donna Moore, Alan Guthrie and Stuart McBride doing the verbal. Really good night.

  2. Lee- That must have been some evening. Alan Guthrie is one hell of a writer and I'll have to look up Stuart Mcbride. You guys in the UK and Ireland get so many great events with awesome authors. We get shite around my way. Hopefully, someday, some of these great talents will make it to the Boston area, where I can attend.