Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Catching Up

Thanks to Dave Barber's BLOG, I found out about a pretty cool event going on over at Erin Cole's BLOG. She's hosting the 13 Days of Horror, where a new horror story will be posted each day until Halloween. Some good stuff going on there, so check it out.

Over at A TWIST of NOIR, 5 new stories (605 - 609) were posted Friday for the 600 -700 word challange. You should check all of them out. Great stuff by mucho talented writers. I am number 622, so it should appear in a few weeks.

Peter Rosovsky has been providing excellent updates from Bouchercon in San Francisco. It is really cool to hear about the behind the scenes action that takes place at this huge crime event. You can check it out HERE

A nice article about my novel, Mindjacker, and me appeared in a local paper up my way. If you feel so inclined, you can read it HERE

I continue to make progress on my second novel, and am wrapping up a Halloween themed crime story to submit to Killers, Thrillers -n- Chillers


  1. Thanks for the hat tip, Sean.

    Just read the interview in your local newspaper. An awesome review that you should be of. It's nice to read about fellow writers and find out a little about their lives. Well done, mate.

    Lolling forward to reading your ATON story ( I'm #629) and what you come up with for TKnC.

  2. That should have been " a review you should be PROUD of".

  3. Dave- I knew what you meant. Thanks for stopping in. Been busy. We all can't live "The Life of Riley(Lee Huhges)" Blogs are also great because you learn more about your writer buddies, other than writing. Can't wait to read # 629! Take Care!

  4. Thanks for the tips Sean, I haven't had much time lately so that helps.

    Also, I got your book today, Thanks!! I look forward to reading it soon...assuming life will slow down and let me.

  5. lol, it's hard work not having a job I'll let you know!!

    Looking forward to your Halloween story. I've got the 625 spot at Aton.

    Good luck with the second novel bud.

  6. Glenna- Glad the book arrived. I hope you find it to be at least, entertaining. Thanks for the visit.

    Lee- Thanks for swinging by. Looking forward to reading you Aton story as well. I was at the amusement park over the weekend for the annual "Screamfest" extravaganza and kept thinking about "Curlife's Fair". Loved that story.

  7. Sean, you've been awarded the "One Lovely Blog Award" To learn more, visit my site. No obligations, just a cool little kudo for having a good blog site!

    Jason McIntyre